30 January 2005


Today history was made in a former oppressive nation. A nation that was governed by an individual who ranks along side Adolf Hitler in his crimes against his own people. But unlike Hitler, we got the SOB. And after the people of Iraq are done with him, he'll wish that he followed in Hitler's last footsteps.
Iraq held free elections for the first time in over 50 years. That is a major achievement for the Iraqi people. Women are asserting their new rights as well, voting for the first time. WOW, Iraq is plowing new fields with rapid pace. And it was all made possible, because of the sweat, blood, and sometimes lives of American, British, and Iraqi people. Freedom always comes at such a high price. But those who pay that price know how precious freedom is. And they are willing pay it so others may enjoy it. That is something that many of us take for granted.
Last week Senator Ted Kennedy called for our withdrawal from Iraq. Well, I only have one thing to say to Ted. Senator, I think all that booze has fried too many brain cells. Keep in mind Senator, that your brother sent the first of our troops to Vietnam. So don't you dare compare what is happening now to that. Since President Kennedy first got us involved in that action. President Johnson takes the blame, but John F. Kennedy sent our guys there first. So let the experts do their job, and you can do whatever it is that you think that you do. You've been riding the coat-tails of your two older brothers for your whole political career. Not to mention, the last time that I checked Senator, you are the only elected official that has committed a crime that cost someone their life. I don't know how you avoided jail time, but I imagine your mother had something to do with it. Anyone else would have been convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide. Your family has been duping this country since your dad was bootlegging liquor into the country. I guess crime is a habit for your kind. So I say to you Senator, Shut Your Piehole!
To all those who are thinking that today's events are vindication for the President, I only say that vindication isn't needed. But for the sake of those who don't believe in our purpose, just turn on your TV, read your newspaper, or log on to your favorite website or blog, and read for yourself. Iraqis not only want us there, they are grateful for the sacrifice of our troops. Every vote cast isn't just a bullet against the insurgence, but a thank you to our troops for their hard work and sacrifice. The President knows this. Remember, he doesn't have to make anyone happy anymore. He can't run for re-election. So he is free to do his job. And thank God he is. Or nothing would get done. Vindication, we don't need no stinkin vindication.
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29 January 2005

History In The Making?

Every 4 years on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in the month of November, millions of Americans go out to a polling center to decide who will lead our country for a 4 year term. Most of us take that for granted. Today, Iraq holds it's first democratically held elections in over 50 years. Will they be as complacent to their responsibility as we are? I hope not. Actually, I'd like to see Iraq teach us something. Voting is not only a privilege, but a responsibility. I hope, that those Americans who choose not to vote, see how precious of a right it is. There are people in Iraq literally facing a possibility of death just to put an x in a box on a sheet of paper. Death! Can you imagine? What would it be like if you had to face that possibility? On that November morning, when you go to the local elementary school or fire hall, someone on a street corner with an automatic rifle trying to discourage you from placing your x. Would you go through with it? That's exactly what's happening today in Iraq. There were 122,293,720 votes cast in the 2004 Presidential election. That's 60.0% of total eligible voters. That means 40% stayed home. I'm willing to bet that Iraq's numbers are better. And we don't have anyone with a gun trying to discourage us. http://www.blogsforbush.com

28 January 2005

Mistreatment At Guantanamo?

On the FOXNews website today, there is an article headlined "AP: Sexual Psychology Used In Guantanamo". My answer to that is, SO? Let's face it folks, we are at war. If you've never heard the cliche "All's Fair In Love and War" it's a sad sad day. Last that I knew, Guantanamo Bay isn't located inside the United States or any of the Territories of the United States. Therefore, the Constitution does not apply to those people. Everyone wants to give the rights of a US citizen to people outside the US. Those prisoners are located on a military post in a foreign country. Our Marines in Guantanamo don't get Constitutional Rights, why should the prisoners.
Anyone entering the US Military Services, forfeit their rights as citizens in favor of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Now, Prisoners of War have rights under the Geneva Conventions. But, last that I knew, those at Guantanamo aren't Prisoners of War either. They are Terrorists! Do you think if the rolls were reversed that our guys would get treatment according to the Geneva Conventions? Last that I knew, Al Queda isn't a signatory to the Geneva Conventions. Then again, neither was Japan in WWII. History is riddled with incidents of our military personnel being mistreated by our adversaries.
So as-far-as what is happening at Guantanamo? I could care less. Especially if it helps protect you and me. If anyone has a problem with what is going on there, contact Castro. It's happening in Cuba. But Castro would have a difficult time investigating this. Since we don't have Normal Diplomatic Relations with Cuba. And to be honest, I think that he has a bit much to be worried about with his own affairs to be concerned about what is happening on our Military Installation. The man is approaching finding out if there really is a God himself. His political/economic system is near extinction because it hasn't worked anywhere that it has been tried.
So what happens in Guantanamo Bay ought to be treated like the old saying from Las Vegas. "What happens at Guantanamo, stays at Guantanamo."

27 January 2005

Protectionist Revisited

While doing some follow up research on one of my past postings, I got an impression that the vast majority of the people posting blogs and other articles on the internet disagree with my view point on the subject of protectionism. Well, I must say, most of you are really snowing yourself if you think that this country is becoming more protectionist. If you doubt me, ask an unemployed iron, steel, auto, textile, or energy worker. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) exported more of our jobs than anything that came before it. The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)will do the same thing on a much larger scale if we allow it to pass.
I agree that protectionism would be the death of us in a trade war. But, that is only so if we were trying to maintain a trade surplus. Well, that isn't what's happening. Let's face it folks, we are not in a trade surplus, it's a deficit. And the longer that we continue to believe that keeping our markets open to foreign imports while our exports face serious regulation and protectionism on the receiving end, we will continue to take the downward spiral that is developing in our standard of living.
We do not import anything that we can't produce here. Some may say oil. Well, that too can be produced here. Why don't we? Environmental regulation makes it so expensive to produce oil here that it is cheaper to buy it from the Middle East and Venezuela. I live in an area that used to have a lot of work in oil production. Lately it's been rebounding, but it doesn't pay anything like it used to.
We import so much steel from Japan and France, that ours is non-competitive even though it is superior in quality. Producers of steel finished goods reserve the amount of US made steel for their best and highest grade products, which are naturally more expensive. These same products have no market overseas due to the high production costs and the protectionist policies of the importing countries. So the products we sell overseas tend to be a lesser quality than those sold here. They just won't buy them. Why should they? They'll just buy an item made in their country at a much lesser cost, or one made here of a lesser quality.
Auto parts are made outside of this country and then shipped here to be assembled so as to keep the costs of producing a foreign car low. Assembling it here makes it "Made in the USA". Well, I think that we all can agree that is a farce. Those who work in Japanese owned assembly plants earn much smaller wages than those of domestic automakers. American made parts are made to a much higher quality standard because our automakers demand it be done. All products made for use in the auto industry must maintain ISO and QS9000 guidlines. Governmental and Insurance industry standards are the main causes for these guidelines, but without them, our cars wouldn't have the high safety standards that we expect. These are features. Features only found on US and European automobiles.
We have already sent most of our manual labor out, next it will be our intellectual skill. The only reason why foreign developers come here to research and develop, is because of the promise of a higher payday for them. The products are developed here, then the designs and production processes are sent to a foreign manufacturing facility. But what happens when that changes? As long as we are in a trade deficit, we will continue to lose. Now it's the losses in manufacturing and other production. Next will be engineering and other intellectual development.
Free trade is a good thing, on paper. But in practice, it's just like the great experiment of Communism, corrupted and almost extinct. Because, as long as we maintain a misconception that free trade will work, we will be dooming our children to a life of poverty. If this continues, the Chinese and Russians will be sending us aid instead of us sending it to them. The only way that we can compete, and keep our jobs here, is to adopt the trade practices of those that we trade with. As long as any of our "trade partners" protect their markets from our products, we should be doing the same to theirs.
And to those who think that our President is protectionist, think again. FTAA is on it's way of passing under this President and the current Congress. This is an issue where I strongly disagree with my party.
Keep in mind, the United States was just recently accused of being cheap by an United Nations official. Where do these countries think that we get the money that we send to them in these aid packages. Cheap huh? The United States' public and private sectors are resposible for over 40% of the worlds total foreign aid packages. It seems to me, that some in this world are takers, and some are givers. We are the richest and most generous country in the world. We recognize our place in it, and responsibility for it. But how long must we continue to give and still be mocked, ridiculed, and hated? What are we getting for our good deeds? Hate and unfair trade practices. This country is vastly becoming like that gullible tourist who buys a cheap flashy imitation watch for $5.00 on the street corner. When will we ever wise up?
There is an ad campaign to raise sentiment against the UN. The effort advocates, "Kick the UN out of America." Well, I agree. Not only to the export of the organization, but maybe we ought to resign our membership in that corrupt and morally bankrupt institution.
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26 January 2005


What is up with Congress? I refer to the story on FOXNews.com. "Senate Confirms Rice for State Dept." The vote was 85-13 in favor of confirmation. My problem is, what is wrong with those 13 who voted against Dr. Rice? Let's face it, she is probably one of the smartest women on the planet, and a perfect choice for Secretary of State. To be honest I believe that she is more qualified for that post than Secretary Powell. Then again, I believe Secretary Powell a better choice for Defense than Secretary Rumsfeld. Now Secretary Rumsfeld is passionately behind our troops and should be commended for that. No doubt he truly believes in our cause. And he should. But compared to Secretary Powell, there's no contest. Secretary Powell is a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The top military officer in the country, second only to the President. That in itself is the major qualifier. But now we are losing Secretary Powell. He is in need of a private life. And to be honest, after the last 4 years he deserves it.
That all being said, Secretary Rice has the potential to be President one day herself. I for one, would be in favor of that. That is if her views stay focused as they are now. She has more academic credentials than anyone else in the Federal Government at this time. So why are some in Congress against her? The single most visible person against Secretary Rice's Confirmation, is Senator Barbara Boxer (D Ca.). I believe that she is jealous of Secretary Rice. Secretary Rice is attaining a status that no other Republican woman has. And that makes her a threat to what the Democratic National Committee considers one of their voter bases. They want the vote of every woman in America. They have NOW behind them, and that makes them an authority on the female mind-set. At least in their minds they are. The DNC can't have a prominent Republican woman to succeed. They can't have an opposition icon to contrast the radicalism of NOW.
To be perfectly honest, I do believe that NOW has brought forth some ideas that have made the United States stronger. Empowering woman has had an enormous positive influence on our way of life. Women have been excelling in both the private and public sectors for most of my life. But now that a woman of a political view in contrast to their point of view, is excelling in government, they are trying to derail and discredit her. This is shameful. Every woman, no matter what political view, should be applauding Secretary Rice for her achievements. Whether you agree with her or not, she deserves the right to try.
So I say to the NOW radicals, practice what you preach. A little decent is good every once in a while.
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25 January 2005

Electoral Reform?

Now now, don't get excited. I am not in favor of putting this country's national leadership in the hands of those idiots who live in the big cities. Why do you think those who are on the left want us to abolish the Electoral College? Because if we did, the will of New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and the state of California would dominate the decision of who leads this country.
So, rather than abolish the electoral system, why don't we make it more representative. The current system gives one vote per congressional district plus those of the Territories. There are five US Territories plus the District of Columbia. Now, traditionally these votes are cast in state sized blocks. For example, Ohio gets 26 Electoral votes. If a candidate wins the Ohio popular vote, he/she gets all 26 votes. Now how representing is that? Should we put our state's decision in the hands of those who live in Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Youngstown? I'd say no. I say what made Ohio such a battle ground state in the last election is block voting in the Electoral College. If each Congressional District had one vote to be cast individually by district, plus one vote each in the US Territories and the District of Columbia, then it would be more representative of the true will of the people. Because, let's face it, political lines are pretty split between urban and rural areas. Let's say candidate A wins the Ohio popular vote, but won only 7 Ohio Congressional Districts (those in the population centers), what about the will of the people in the other 19 Congressional Districts? Should our votes not count. That is what the current system would allow. And has in the past. Thank goodness this past election went the way that it did. That being said, there are 435 Congressional Districts, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Marinas. So that would equate to 441 votes. If each vote counted separately, then each candidate would have to focus on winning each of those 441 voting Districts.
But why won't this happen? I'll tell you why. The current system give more power to the population centers of the country. Those are the same areas that political thought is more liberal than in traditional conservative rural America. That's why. If each district were counted separately then the true values of America would prevail.
Another idea is to give each state two votes. Each state gets two Senators, so why not two votes? Give two votes per state and one each to the US Territories and the District of Columbia. Whoever wins popular vote then gets the total number of votes for that district. So, Ohio would get two votes, California would get two votes, and New York would get two votes. But that won't happen either. Because it would deflate the influence of New York and California.
But if it were up to me, I'd say go the way of the Congressional District, because that would be more representative. Using the two vote method is still not representing the people in rural America. The cities in each state would still dominate that state's decision.
Now Our system is not perfect. But as they say, it's the best system going. However, there is nothing that says change would not improve that which is currently the best. Change only makes the best better and increases the standard.
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23 January 2005


I'm mad as hell. Why? I'll tell you. Today Johnny Carson passed away. The legendary host of the Tonight Show for 30 years and number one money maker for NBC passes away and there is no mention of it on NBC's website. No mention on the company's website or their news division's page. ABC, CBS, Fox News Channel, and CNN all had postings on their websites. Even CBS Sports had a comment about Johnny during the 1st Quarter of the AFC Championship Game. To NBC's credit, msnbc.com did have the story on their site. What I can't get is the man is a broadcasting legend and spent almost his entire career with NBC, inventing the late night talk show format, and they can't even put a headline on their official website. If I worked for NBC I'd be ashamed. Someone over there is dropping the ball.
The story on Fox News Channel included a telephone interview with Rich Little and multiple comments from various stars. The Tonight Show's current major rival, David Letterman, had an extremely respectful and endearing comment about Johnny's passing. It is a sad day when a company will not show as much respect for a veteran employee's passing as thier competeter does. In most companies, the passing of a retiree makes in house memos and postings announcing the loss of a respected former asset. When you give such a large portion of your life in loyal service to one employer, it is assumed that you would receive proper respect from that employer when that time comes. NBC, I'm not much of a fan, and even less so now.
So I would like to say:
Goodbye Johnny. Thank you for making me laugh for all those years. You will be missed but never forgotten. You left a lasting mark on the American Experience. One of the greatest things a person can do for another is to make them laugh. You've made millions of us laugh everynight for over 30 years, and we are all greatful.
My apologies for making this posting entertainment based and not political. Politics is a passion for me. But this subject really burned me. Thank you for reading my ideas and complaints. Please feel free at anytime to comment about anything that I post. If you have a blog, please leave a comment to any posting and list the URL for your blog and I will visit and take in your point of view. For why is the internet here if not for the sharing of ideas. Whether or not I agree with you, or you agree with me, the sharing of points of view is what sparks thought. And when we think, we get involved. And the only way to keep our elected officials in check is to know what is going on, and making our point of view about it known. So let's all share what we think if for no other reason than to keep Washington (and in this case NBC) honest. Thank You!!!!! For reading Gribbit I blog for Bush http://www.blogsforbush.com

22 January 2005

We Want To Work!!

On Thursday of this week, President George W. Bush re-affirmed his oath of office for the next four year term. Now, I will say that I'm not a 100% supporter of the President. I believe that the GOP should return to it's roots and become protectionist. The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) will further ship manufacturing jobs out to countries with lower standards of living, dangerous working conditions, and environmental irresponsibly. Thus continuing the downturn of quality jobs in the manufacturing sector of the United States. As it is, we are becoming a service oriented economy. But who are we going to service? No one will be able to afford to pay for any services. So what happens then? Depression.
Once, we were taught in school that a "Third World Country" was one that exported raw materials and imported finished product. Hmm, let me see, what is happening in our country? We are exporting our raw materials (ideas) and importing finished products made by low paid or in some cases slave laborers. Why is this happening?
At one time we imposed duty on everything entering the country as to make foreign products more expensive to buy. The reason, to keep the companies who make goods here in the United States. Doing this made our products cheaper for our consumers and goods made in other countries more expensive. This is exactly what happens to our goods entering other countries. Import duties, safety inspections, and other tactics by our "global economic partners", are making goods made in the USA less attractive to foreign consumers.
At the moment the US Dollar is weak and our products are actually becoming cheaper for Europeans to buy. But they can't be bought if they are never made. Our industries are burdened by taxes, high utility costs, as well as higher employment costs. I'm not advocating that anyone take a pay-cut. Our workers deserve to make a livable wage. Unfortunately the jobs being created in this country are becoming less paying in recent years. This is because our industries have to compete with foreign rivals for the same market. And to do this, more and more of them are cutting wages and benefits. Or outright moving operations to other countries where labor is cheaper due to a lesser standard of living. These countries also have less stringent work place safety requirements and environmental regulations.
Now I'm going to borrow an idea that I got from one of my favorite novelists. Tom Clancy wrote in a couple of his books, about our government passing and implementing a law by which, the United States would treat imported products with the same restrictions, duties, and safety regulations that the exporting country imposes on our goods sold in their markets. I thought that was a great idea. Many countries have protectionist practices that are designed to make their products more competitive in their markets. Thereby making our products more expensive for their citizens to buy. So their industries thrive, and ours go down the toilet. Recently more and more companies are forced to re-locate manufacturing operations to countries that have reduced labor costs and taxation. So why won't we pass a law like that? Why must we try so hard to be everyone's friend? Why must the working stiffs of this country face layoffs and plant closings just because we have a need all of a sudden to be "partners" with the world.
It is a fact that items produced in the US are superior. Our goods are more durable and function with better performance. Next time you buy a widget, look at the tag or packaging to see where it was made. Chances are, if it says Made in the USA, it was actually "made" in China or Korea and "assembled" in USA. Do you know how much assembly jobs pay? Not much more than Federal Minimum Wage, if at all more.
There is a company in my area which makes those click starters for gas grills. You know the ones. The red button that you press, it goes click and lights your grill. Well, the employees of that company spend more time in a year laid off than working. On top of that, the vast majority of the people who work there actually work for a staffing agency. They make less than $8.00 per hour to make those starters. How would you like it if you only worked 25 out of 52 weeks this year? How would you like it if your employer said that you could only work 37.5 hours per week and was only going to pay you $6.50 per hour? Figure it out. That's less than $6,100.00 per year. Can you live on that? No one can.
Prior to the income tax, the government's revenue came from import and export duties. This protected our industry and financed the essential operations of the government. I'm not advocating the end of tax on personal income. Quite the opposite. The more people we have working and paying taxes, the less it would cost the individual taxpayer. Business should be encouraged to keep our jobs here. How do we do this? I may not be a world renown economist, but I can figure this simple problem out. We need to stop cow-tailing to other governments. We need to give our companies incentive to keep the jobs here. We need to make sure that the products sold in this country live up to high quality standards. We need to encourage our consumers to buy "American Made" not just "American Assembled". We need to discourage the United States government from involving our country in FTAA. We need to make certain that companies stay here and thrive here.
The answer isn't tax abatements. No, try lower rates. Which is more, 28% of $1,000,000.oo or 11% of $100,000,000.00? Tax abatements expire. Then companies face harsh realities when their operating costs increase. Then jobs are lost.
I must warn anyone who reads this that I am in favor of a flat tax. Why? I'll tell you. Those who have control over their income, employ other people. If you have control over your income, why should you try to make more than you need to live comfortably and provide for your future if you are going to pay a larger percentage to the government? I'd be angry too if I had to pay 38 cents out of every dollar I made to the Federal Government for income taxes alone. And that doesn't count, self-employment, state, and local income taxes. And all this on top of whatever employment taxes for employees, personal property taxes on items your business owns, commercial utility rates that are through the roof, real estate taxes on land that your business is on, health insurance for your employees, worker's compensation insurance, property insurance, and a multitude of local and state imposed taxes and fees on businesses. This has to be relaxed. It just has too. So where do we make up the shortcomings if we relax these tax burdens on business? Import duty. Why should Tom Clancy's idea be limited to a work of fiction. Our businesses face real problems and we need realistic solutions. We should have real laws to protect them. Not to mention protecting the consumer from cheaply produced unsafe products made with inferior raw materials and poor craftsmanship. Bring our jobs home and keep them here. It's a win win/win situation for us. Screw the rest of the world.
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21 January 2005

Ohio Abducted Child Alerts

I know that my blog is supposed to be political in nature, and this isn't exactly political. But, I'm a bit confused about what Ohio is doing to alert us to the fact that there is a missing and presumed abducted child in my county or a neighboring county. What is done is ignorant. Law Enforcement first activates the Emergency Alert System. Which in itself is fine, but they give us zero information to go on. The alert states that there is a abducted child alert for whichever affected counties until a specified time. And here is the source of the confusion. How can a missing child alert have an expiration time?? Are we supposed to quit looking just because the alert expires? Not that we'd know who we are supposed to be looking for anyway. No description of the child or the suspected abductor is included in the message. So how in the world are we to keep our eyes out for the missing kid? We can't. It's a waste of the broadcast services if they aren't utilized property. Soon people will become immune to the effect of an alerts because they are without substance. When a child becomes missing, it is the responsibility of everyone in the community to assist in finding that child. But without the proper tools we cannot do our part. So more and more children will come up missing and never found. The quicker the search for a missing child can begin, the more likely it is the child will be found unharmed. Time is on the side of the abductor not the searcher. Failing to provide the proper information stifles the search and the child may be harmed.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the alert never makes it into the official "active" Amber Alerts listing on Ohio's website. And to be honest, if you visit http://ohio.gov , you will not even be able to find any link to the Amber Alert System. Forgive me, but something is wrong with that. Every missing and suspected abducted child should be listed as an active Amber Alert until the child is found. We should be making it more difficult for anyone who snatches a kid to cause him/her harm. The current system is lacking. And sadly it's the children who are paying the price for it. Now, I am not a parent. But I do have nieces and nephews. I know how adversely it would impact my family if one of them were missing. The President introduced his "No Child Left Behind" program for education. Those words shouldn't be limited to that purpose. "No Child Left Behind" should be a way of life. Every aspect of childcare should use these same words and their meaning. Especially missing children. We have a duty to care for them. Not only parents, but aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and friends are equally responsible for every child in their life. All of us. And maximum information exposure is the only way. The media responsible for a given area should be saturated with information on the disappearance of every and all missing children. So come on Ohio, get this fixed. I blog for Bush http://www.blogsforbush.com

20 January 2005

Please leave!!

This is directed to all of you who stated that if President George W. Bush were re-elected you would leave the country. Well, the President re-affirmed his oath of office today and I haven't seen the most famous of you leave yet. Why may I ask? To be honest I can't say. Why would anyone who loves our way of life and system of government say such a thing to begin with? The whole idea that if your favorite candidate loses an election, you would just abandon that way of life and system of government is ludicrous. It's just as if child who loses a game of ball never playing ball again. But since you've made those statements, you should do what you've said that you would do. Leave! Goodbye. We could use your space. You obviously don't love our way of life and system of government. And if that is true, why were you involved in the first place? Can't you sore losers get it through your simple minds that there are millions of people who are fighting to get into this country. So if you don't love this country, then leave and let the rest of us get on with living. And in four years we'll go through this again. And no matter who wins, I'll still be here. I blog for Bush http://www.blogsforbush.com