26 January 2005


What is up with Congress? I refer to the story on FOXNews.com. "Senate Confirms Rice for State Dept." The vote was 85-13 in favor of confirmation. My problem is, what is wrong with those 13 who voted against Dr. Rice? Let's face it, she is probably one of the smartest women on the planet, and a perfect choice for Secretary of State. To be honest I believe that she is more qualified for that post than Secretary Powell. Then again, I believe Secretary Powell a better choice for Defense than Secretary Rumsfeld. Now Secretary Rumsfeld is passionately behind our troops and should be commended for that. No doubt he truly believes in our cause. And he should. But compared to Secretary Powell, there's no contest. Secretary Powell is a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The top military officer in the country, second only to the President. That in itself is the major qualifier. But now we are losing Secretary Powell. He is in need of a private life. And to be honest, after the last 4 years he deserves it.
That all being said, Secretary Rice has the potential to be President one day herself. I for one, would be in favor of that. That is if her views stay focused as they are now. She has more academic credentials than anyone else in the Federal Government at this time. So why are some in Congress against her? The single most visible person against Secretary Rice's Confirmation, is Senator Barbara Boxer (D Ca.). I believe that she is jealous of Secretary Rice. Secretary Rice is attaining a status that no other Republican woman has. And that makes her a threat to what the Democratic National Committee considers one of their voter bases. They want the vote of every woman in America. They have NOW behind them, and that makes them an authority on the female mind-set. At least in their minds they are. The DNC can't have a prominent Republican woman to succeed. They can't have an opposition icon to contrast the radicalism of NOW.
To be perfectly honest, I do believe that NOW has brought forth some ideas that have made the United States stronger. Empowering woman has had an enormous positive influence on our way of life. Women have been excelling in both the private and public sectors for most of my life. But now that a woman of a political view in contrast to their point of view, is excelling in government, they are trying to derail and discredit her. This is shameful. Every woman, no matter what political view, should be applauding Secretary Rice for her achievements. Whether you agree with her or not, she deserves the right to try.
So I say to the NOW radicals, practice what you preach. A little decent is good every once in a while.
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