30 January 2005


Today history was made in a former oppressive nation. A nation that was governed by an individual who ranks along side Adolf Hitler in his crimes against his own people. But unlike Hitler, we got the SOB. And after the people of Iraq are done with him, he'll wish that he followed in Hitler's last footsteps.
Iraq held free elections for the first time in over 50 years. That is a major achievement for the Iraqi people. Women are asserting their new rights as well, voting for the first time. WOW, Iraq is plowing new fields with rapid pace. And it was all made possible, because of the sweat, blood, and sometimes lives of American, British, and Iraqi people. Freedom always comes at such a high price. But those who pay that price know how precious freedom is. And they are willing pay it so others may enjoy it. That is something that many of us take for granted.
Last week Senator Ted Kennedy called for our withdrawal from Iraq. Well, I only have one thing to say to Ted. Senator, I think all that booze has fried too many brain cells. Keep in mind Senator, that your brother sent the first of our troops to Vietnam. So don't you dare compare what is happening now to that. Since President Kennedy first got us involved in that action. President Johnson takes the blame, but John F. Kennedy sent our guys there first. So let the experts do their job, and you can do whatever it is that you think that you do. You've been riding the coat-tails of your two older brothers for your whole political career. Not to mention, the last time that I checked Senator, you are the only elected official that has committed a crime that cost someone their life. I don't know how you avoided jail time, but I imagine your mother had something to do with it. Anyone else would have been convicted of aggravated vehicular homicide. Your family has been duping this country since your dad was bootlegging liquor into the country. I guess crime is a habit for your kind. So I say to you Senator, Shut Your Piehole!
To all those who are thinking that today's events are vindication for the President, I only say that vindication isn't needed. But for the sake of those who don't believe in our purpose, just turn on your TV, read your newspaper, or log on to your favorite website or blog, and read for yourself. Iraqis not only want us there, they are grateful for the sacrifice of our troops. Every vote cast isn't just a bullet against the insurgence, but a thank you to our troops for their hard work and sacrifice. The President knows this. Remember, he doesn't have to make anyone happy anymore. He can't run for re-election. So he is free to do his job. And thank God he is. Or nothing would get done. Vindication, we don't need no stinkin vindication.
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