23 January 2005


I'm mad as hell. Why? I'll tell you. Today Johnny Carson passed away. The legendary host of the Tonight Show for 30 years and number one money maker for NBC passes away and there is no mention of it on NBC's website. No mention on the company's website or their news division's page. ABC, CBS, Fox News Channel, and CNN all had postings on their websites. Even CBS Sports had a comment about Johnny during the 1st Quarter of the AFC Championship Game. To NBC's credit, msnbc.com did have the story on their site. What I can't get is the man is a broadcasting legend and spent almost his entire career with NBC, inventing the late night talk show format, and they can't even put a headline on their official website. If I worked for NBC I'd be ashamed. Someone over there is dropping the ball.
The story on Fox News Channel included a telephone interview with Rich Little and multiple comments from various stars. The Tonight Show's current major rival, David Letterman, had an extremely respectful and endearing comment about Johnny's passing. It is a sad day when a company will not show as much respect for a veteran employee's passing as thier competeter does. In most companies, the passing of a retiree makes in house memos and postings announcing the loss of a respected former asset. When you give such a large portion of your life in loyal service to one employer, it is assumed that you would receive proper respect from that employer when that time comes. NBC, I'm not much of a fan, and even less so now.
So I would like to say:
Goodbye Johnny. Thank you for making me laugh for all those years. You will be missed but never forgotten. You left a lasting mark on the American Experience. One of the greatest things a person can do for another is to make them laugh. You've made millions of us laugh everynight for over 30 years, and we are all greatful.
My apologies for making this posting entertainment based and not political. Politics is a passion for me. But this subject really burned me. Thank you for reading my ideas and complaints. Please feel free at anytime to comment about anything that I post. If you have a blog, please leave a comment to any posting and list the URL for your blog and I will visit and take in your point of view. For why is the internet here if not for the sharing of ideas. Whether or not I agree with you, or you agree with me, the sharing of points of view is what sparks thought. And when we think, we get involved. And the only way to keep our elected officials in check is to know what is going on, and making our point of view about it known. So let's all share what we think if for no other reason than to keep Washington (and in this case NBC) honest. Thank You!!!!! For reading Gribbit I blog for Bush http://www.blogsforbush.com


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