28 January 2005

Mistreatment At Guantanamo?

On the FOXNews website today, there is an article headlined "AP: Sexual Psychology Used In Guantanamo". My answer to that is, SO? Let's face it folks, we are at war. If you've never heard the cliche "All's Fair In Love and War" it's a sad sad day. Last that I knew, Guantanamo Bay isn't located inside the United States or any of the Territories of the United States. Therefore, the Constitution does not apply to those people. Everyone wants to give the rights of a US citizen to people outside the US. Those prisoners are located on a military post in a foreign country. Our Marines in Guantanamo don't get Constitutional Rights, why should the prisoners.
Anyone entering the US Military Services, forfeit their rights as citizens in favor of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Now, Prisoners of War have rights under the Geneva Conventions. But, last that I knew, those at Guantanamo aren't Prisoners of War either. They are Terrorists! Do you think if the rolls were reversed that our guys would get treatment according to the Geneva Conventions? Last that I knew, Al Queda isn't a signatory to the Geneva Conventions. Then again, neither was Japan in WWII. History is riddled with incidents of our military personnel being mistreated by our adversaries.
So as-far-as what is happening at Guantanamo? I could care less. Especially if it helps protect you and me. If anyone has a problem with what is going on there, contact Castro. It's happening in Cuba. But Castro would have a difficult time investigating this. Since we don't have Normal Diplomatic Relations with Cuba. And to be honest, I think that he has a bit much to be worried about with his own affairs to be concerned about what is happening on our Military Installation. The man is approaching finding out if there really is a God himself. His political/economic system is near extinction because it hasn't worked anywhere that it has been tried.
So what happens in Guantanamo Bay ought to be treated like the old saying from Las Vegas. "What happens at Guantanamo, stays at Guantanamo."


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