21 January 2005

Ohio Abducted Child Alerts

I know that my blog is supposed to be political in nature, and this isn't exactly political. But, I'm a bit confused about what Ohio is doing to alert us to the fact that there is a missing and presumed abducted child in my county or a neighboring county. What is done is ignorant. Law Enforcement first activates the Emergency Alert System. Which in itself is fine, but they give us zero information to go on. The alert states that there is a abducted child alert for whichever affected counties until a specified time. And here is the source of the confusion. How can a missing child alert have an expiration time?? Are we supposed to quit looking just because the alert expires? Not that we'd know who we are supposed to be looking for anyway. No description of the child or the suspected abductor is included in the message. So how in the world are we to keep our eyes out for the missing kid? We can't. It's a waste of the broadcast services if they aren't utilized property. Soon people will become immune to the effect of an alerts because they are without substance. When a child becomes missing, it is the responsibility of everyone in the community to assist in finding that child. But without the proper tools we cannot do our part. So more and more children will come up missing and never found. The quicker the search for a missing child can begin, the more likely it is the child will be found unharmed. Time is on the side of the abductor not the searcher. Failing to provide the proper information stifles the search and the child may be harmed.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the alert never makes it into the official "active" Amber Alerts listing on Ohio's website. And to be honest, if you visit http://ohio.gov , you will not even be able to find any link to the Amber Alert System. Forgive me, but something is wrong with that. Every missing and suspected abducted child should be listed as an active Amber Alert until the child is found. We should be making it more difficult for anyone who snatches a kid to cause him/her harm. The current system is lacking. And sadly it's the children who are paying the price for it. Now, I am not a parent. But I do have nieces and nephews. I know how adversely it would impact my family if one of them were missing. The President introduced his "No Child Left Behind" program for education. Those words shouldn't be limited to that purpose. "No Child Left Behind" should be a way of life. Every aspect of childcare should use these same words and their meaning. Especially missing children. We have a duty to care for them. Not only parents, but aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and friends are equally responsible for every child in their life. All of us. And maximum information exposure is the only way. The media responsible for a given area should be saturated with information on the disappearance of every and all missing children. So come on Ohio, get this fixed. I blog for Bush http://www.blogsforbush.com


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