20 January 2005

Please leave!!

This is directed to all of you who stated that if President George W. Bush were re-elected you would leave the country. Well, the President re-affirmed his oath of office today and I haven't seen the most famous of you leave yet. Why may I ask? To be honest I can't say. Why would anyone who loves our way of life and system of government say such a thing to begin with? The whole idea that if your favorite candidate loses an election, you would just abandon that way of life and system of government is ludicrous. It's just as if child who loses a game of ball never playing ball again. But since you've made those statements, you should do what you've said that you would do. Leave! Goodbye. We could use your space. You obviously don't love our way of life and system of government. And if that is true, why were you involved in the first place? Can't you sore losers get it through your simple minds that there are millions of people who are fighting to get into this country. So if you don't love this country, then leave and let the rest of us get on with living. And in four years we'll go through this again. And no matter who wins, I'll still be here. I blog for Bush http://www.blogsforbush.com


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