28 February 2005

History...In the Making

President Bush was right! Democracy is on the march in the middle-east. How do I know this? In December, Afghanistan held elections, January the Palestinian Authority held elections, Saudi Arabia held elections, and Iraq held elections. Today, the Lebanese puppet government loyal to Syria resigns amid pressure from protesters and scandal. The people of Lebanon wants Syrian troops out of their country. Lebanon was once a vacation paradise. It is my belief that the people of Lebanon would like it to be again. And they see that Syrian influence and tension with Israel is the obstacle preventing Lebanon from that goal. Without Syrian influence, the Lebanese can find peace with Israel. The main powder keg has been de-fused. Israel is working toward peaceful co-existence with Palestine. Syria sees Lebanon as a buffer between them and Israel. If Israel has no aggression ambitions against Syria, why would they need a buffer? The answer is simple. Syria wants to maintain the instability in the region. They are supplying the insurgency in Iraq, harboring terrorists, financing terrorists, and training terrorists. Syria is the problem in the region, and the people are starting to see that. The bottom line is, Democracy is on the march. Democracy is the answer to peaceful existence world wide. The Domino Effect in reverse. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help pass the Social Security Reform package. This week you can help by signing the online petition. http://www.preservingsocialsecurity.com http://www.blogsforbush.com/

News of the Ridiculous

First is a story out of Florida. A 13 year old boy shot a rubber band at his science teacher and gets suspended from school for 2 weeks and the possibility of expulsion is pending. Who hasn't shot a rubber band at another person? If the band is in free flight, the risk of injury is minute. The school contends that it could have hit the teacher in the eye and caused injury. I say that would have been a hell of a shot to do that. It seems that the instinctive reaction of the eye would have shielded it from injury. But, teachers don't want to teach. If they can get a kid out of their class, they do. Suspensions are given out all too frequently. Why? Isn't that rewarding a troublesome student by giving them the day off? Any punishment should be administered on premises. The school system considers this a "Level IV Offense." "Level IV Offenses" include selling drugs and robbery. Apples and oranges if you ask me. Overkill at best. Next is a limo being stolen from a funeral in Erie, Pa. I've lived in Erie, and I must say that would have been a tall order. Funeral processions in Erie are escorted by the Police Department. There is a dedicated motorcycle unit that only handles funerals. Where were they during the theft? For that matter, where was the driver? Next to Oslo, Norway. This is a keeper. It seems some determined thieves stole a 16 ft diameter in ground swimming pool with all it's accessories. The pool was on a vacation property of a Norwegian family, and had been installed for 20 years. That's one heck of a cat burglar.
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27 February 2005

Syria Puts Forth An Olive Branch, Is It Enough?

Syrian authorities have turned over the half-brother of Saddam Hussein, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, to Iraqi authorities. Syria captured al-Hassan in North East Syria near the Iraqi border. Hassan is number 36 on the top 55 most wanted Iraqis. But is this enough? I say no. How many more of Iraq's Most Wanted are at large in Syria? Is Syria using this gesture to smoke screen their involvement in the assassination of the Democratically elected Prime Minister of Lebanon and their involvement in the bombing of a nightclub in Tel Aviv this past week? I think so. If Syria is truly interested in promoting peace in the region, they would hand over all those terrorists hiding in their country and pull their forces out of Lebanon. But, again, I won't hold my breath. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help pass the Social Security Reform package. This week you can help by signing the online petition. http://www.preservingsocialsecurity.com http://www.blogsforbush.com/

23 February 2005

Wictory Wednesday- plus A Real Iraq Story

Hello, it's Wictory Wedneday again. This week I didn't receive a subject email from our organizer. So I will continue my appeal from the past week. Since it's a very important subject to everyone no matter political view. If you are a Conservative, Liberal, or Moderate, it's just as important to you as much as anyone else. So please help. We ask that you sign the online petition and help preserve Social Security for future generations.
Today on Dayside with Linda Vester, there was a touching story that originated in Iraq. During his tour of duty in Iraq, Army National Guardsman Capt. Scott Southworth visited an orphanage in 2003. During his visit, an 11 year old Iraqi boy with a disability (reports are sketchy it's either CP or CF) became attached to Capt. Southworth. And over several visits the boy, named Ala'a, started to call Capt. Southworth "daddy".
Well eventually Capt. Southworth's tour of duty in Iraq was over and he returned to the United States. Being a devout Christian, Capt Southworth felt that he couldn't face Ala'a (also Christian) in heaven on Judgment Day and explain why he left him in Iraq. So, facing overwhelming obstacles, Capt. Southworth went back to Iraq, adopted Ala'a, and brought him back to the United States.
The moral of this story is, not all of our efforts in Iraq are warlike. We are not there to oppress the Iraqi people or violate their human rights. If anything, we are there to make sure their human rights are respected. We could all learn a lesson from Capt. Southworth and Ala'a. Just think how you would be able to face any Iraqi on Judgment Day if we hadn't gone to Iraq to end the oppression. Just think about it.
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22 February 2005

Spare The Rod...Etc...

In the past few days our President has been engaged in his fence mending tour of Europe. If you've read my blog as of late, you would know that I find the whole idea completely incorrect. We shouldn't be going to Europe with our hat in our hands. Quite the contrary. They should be coming to Washington with their hats in their hands. We should be treating Europe with a strong hand. Spare the rod spoil the child the cliche goes. Well, as childish as Europe has been acting, the cliche fits. We are the dominate military power in the world. Not France and Not Germany. Isn't it enough that we pulled their fat out of the fire and kept it out for over 50 years? Now when we needed their aid and were entitled to it under NATO, where were they? Bad mouthing us rather than living up to their treaty obligations. Beyond the Brits, Italians and Pols, I have no use for them. None at all. So yes, spare the rod spoil the child. So we should stand the bulk of Europe in the corner and send it to bed with no supper.
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21 February 2005

Military Hardware Should Be American Made

John Gibson had an interesting article on FoxNew.com. It called out Robert Novak and his French loving ways. It seems that Mr. Novak is opposed to Boeing getting the contract to build new mid-air refueling tankers. He is insisting that Boeing has some shady dealings with someone in the Pentagon to insure the contract. So. There isn't any reason in the world why military hardware shouldn't be entirely built in the United States. Airbus insists that the planes would be built in the US by American workers. Hogwash. Where will the parts be made? I'll tell you. France and Germany. So what would happen if we have to go to war with someone and the French and Germans disapprove? Will they withhold replacement parts? I'd wager they would. Every part of every piece of military equipment should be designed, manufactured, assembled, and maintained by Americans. Not French or German, Americans. I was under the impression that all military contract had to be held by American owned companies. If there isn't such a law, there should be.
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20 February 2005

Should President Bush Try To Pander To The EU?

President Bush is in Brussels to meet with NATO, French President Chirac, German Chancellor Schroeder, Russian President Putin, and the European Union. Many in the press are saying that the President is going to try to repair fences in Europe. Hogwash! The last thing that the President should be seen doing is playing nice to that frog Chirac. And Schroeder, what would he say if we closed the AirForce Bases that are still in Germany? What if we decided to end economic aid to all the countries that failed to support our Iraq operations? That would save us almost our whole foreign aid cash. And dont' get me started on Spain. That spineless Zapatero. He looks a little light in his loafers if you know what I mean. I think he and Chirac could be close friends.
I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. But I can't stand those ungrateful Europeans. France got over ran by Germany (ironic isn't it) twice in the first half of the 20th Century. And if not for the United States, the official language of France would be German. And Germany has a lot of right to be pointing at us saying we violate human rights. How many million people did Germany murder? The only European countries worth a grain of salt are Italy, Great Britain, and Poland. The rest can go to hell.
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19 February 2005

Does The New Class Action Regs Go Far Enough?

President Bush signed into law the new Class Action regulations passed by Congress. But my question is, does it go far enough? My opinion is no. Not only are Class Action suits damaging to business, all frivolous lawsuits are. The Video Game case in Alabama for example. Lawsuits do little to ease the actual suffering for those who win. Sure, the monetary awards can ease any financial damage caused by the injury. But so many suits shouldn't even make it to the filing stage. These are suits over the most elementary of injuries. And it all has a damaging effect on business and our economy.
Medical Malpractice suits have driven up costs for doctors. The prices of Malpractice Insurance have risen because people are lawsuit crazy. These Insurance increases have a direct effect on the fees that a doctor must charge to cover his rising costs. Which in turn, drives up Medical Insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses. This in many cases does nothing to punish the doctor himself, but it does contribute to the rising costs of health care that we all must pay.
We have a prescription drug crisis in this country. The limited time frame that a drug company has to recover development costs along with liability insurance has put some of the most needed drugs out of the financial reach of those who need them the most. It should be understood that the long term effects of a new drug can't be realized until the new drug has been in use for a while. But just as soon as a few people start having problems with a new drug, trial lawyers are all over the situation. They start putting together a class to file on the behalf of. These lawyers do not have the best interests of their new clients in mind. No, they are looking at the big payday once they force the company to settle. And what happens to the class-members? Nothing. In most cases they don't recover enough money to buy the drug they sued over. Cases of class members receiving coupons as a settlement exist. The only winners are the lawyers. And the losers? All the rest of us. Those who really need that drug and can't afford it get hurt. Those who invest in the drug companies get hurt. Those 401k contributors, mutual fund investors, and stock holders get hurt. People who's retirement investments are in pharmaceuticals suffer with losses. And in turn the American economy gets hurt. Which includes everyone else in the country who don't feel a direct impact from the suit.
So, what's the solution? I have a few ideas, but I'll save them for another time. But I will urge anyone who reads this to contact your Congressman and Senators and insist that they get involved in true Tort Reform. Because if this continues, the price of bubble gum will only be affordable for those in the top 1%.
Wictory Wednesday asks that you help pass the Social Security Reform package. This week you can help by signing the online petition. http://www.preservingsocialsecurity.com http://www.blogsforbush.com/

18 February 2005

The Video Game Case

Here I go again, I'm climbing up on my soap-box about video games. Today on Dayside With Linda Vesser the opening topic was the video game case from Alabama. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the plaintiffs in this case are suing the wrong people. The attorney who was on the program representing the plaintiffs' point of view, was obviously stretching his remarks. Sounding like a "everybody is a victim" liberal, arguing that repetitive play of a violent video game promotes teen violence. That's bull. He actually said that when the initial thrill of the game wears off that the kids have to go out and commit the violent act for real to get the same thrill. This guy needs locked up because he obviously has lost touch with reality. First off, how could Sony Computer Entertainment (the maker of the Sony Playstation 2) have prevented the killings of those three men? I want to know where the responsibility of the teens actions gets transferred to the hardware maker. Because if Sony is guilty in this case, every computer manufacturer that made a computer on which child pornography has been downloaded is guilty of child pornography. And what about the game distributor? Take-two Interactive is the distributor. So, if a drunk driver kills three people in a car accident, it's the distributor who sold the beer or liquor to the bar that's responsible? I think not.
Now down to the two stores. I have personally purchased games from both. And they do follow the rating system. I had to accompany my 14 year old nephew to GameStop when Halo:2 was released to pick up his game because it got a rating of M. But his mother allows him to play it. Which is ok, because the kid know it's just a game. GameStop will not sell a M rated game to anyone under 17 years old. WalMart's POS system actually reminds the seller to verify the buyer is of age. So where is the beef in the Alabama case? The parents. The parents and the teen. It's the parents who are charged with raising that boy with a sense of right and wrong. And if he was so deluded that he needed to act out the game, than he shouldn't have been playing it in the first place. Therefore, it's the parent's fault. Not Sony, not Take-two, not WalMart, and not GameStop. A company should not be held responsible for engaging in the legal trade of their business. As long as all laws, restrictions, and guidelines that may exist in the sale of the game to the teen, or his parents, were followed, there is no fault anywhere other than the home of the teen. Mom and Dad are responsible for his actions.
We have become a society of victims. The vast influx of attorneys in America has produced an idea that no one is responsible for their actions if they at all can place blame, warranted or unwarranted, on someone else. We are a "He made me do it" society. And it's sickening.
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Domino Theory in Reverse

Back in the bad old days of the Cold War, the major democracies of the world were concerned about the spread of Communism. The Domino Theory it was called. We all feared that Communist ambitions to spread across the globe would engulf country after country like falling dominos. Well it seems that the Domino Theory is alive and well, but instead of Communism spreading, it's Democracy. First it was Afghanistan holding national elections. Next, due in large part to the death of Arafat, the Palestinian Authority held elections. Then our major achievement Iraq. And in a surprise move the Saudis held local elections. Now, it seems that freedom might be sneaking it's way into Lebanon. Syria and Iran are fast becoming the lepers of the Middle East. And this can all be traced back to the strength of one man followed by two others with guts almost as strong as his. Ronald Reagan. It took President Reagan's strong stance against the Soviets that produced the high tech weaponry of today. Then came George H. W. Bush, leading the massive campaign against Saddam's aggression against Kuwait. Now, George W. Bush commands the world's strongest, best equipped, and completely professional military. We are the only country in the world that doesn't conscript our soldiers. And it all started with Reagan. The era of Reagan Conservatism is on the rise. Even after the beloved President pass on from the Earth. But I know, he's in Heaven, looking down upon the United States, and he's proud. Proud that our leadership is delivering so many from the grips of evil. The Soviets may not be our enemy any longer, but the world is still a bad place and we, being the toughest guy in the neighborhood must stand up for those who can't. And for that ability, we owe President Reagan a big THANK YOU.

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17 February 2005

Dean Wanted To Hush Press

On this mornings Fox and Friends, a story was reported about the upcoming Howard Dean vs. Richard Perle debate. It seems that Howard Dean insisted that the debate be done with no media present. So the debate was set up informing the press that it would be blacked out. Then the DNC suddenly announced that the press would be allowed to cover the debate. Why? Well Dean doesn't want it covered because he can't have his own words used against him by us conservative bloggers. Remember, he hates us. He hates what we stand for. However, suddenly the press will be permitted to cover the debate. Why? Because blacking out the debate is just as big of a black-eye for the DNC as anything that Dean can say.
Personally, I think that Dean's own personality will work against him in the debate. Richard Perle is the mild mannered type where Dean is easily excitable. All Perle needs to do is push the right buttons and we here in the blogsphere will have fuel for our fires for a year. So I am awaiting this debate. Because I can't wait to take a bite out of that bag of wind.
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16 February 2005

Wictory Wednesday

Hello again all, it's Wictory Wednesday again. This week we would like for you to sign an on-line petition that will be directed to the Senators from your state. This petition is to express that you wish the passage of the Social Security Reform package proposed by the President.
This week I will be attacking our lawsuit burdened legal system. Tort Reform is on the President's agenda and it's something that is of concern to all of us. Un-necessary law suits drive up costs for businesses and in turn the costs of goods and services to the end user. I am especially concerned about a suit filed in Alabama.
It seems that a teenager in Alabama got it into his head to (1) steal a car, (2) take a cop's gun, (3) shoot two cops and a dispatcher, and (4) steal a patrol car to get away. The families of two of the three men killed are suing GameStop, WalMart, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Take-Two Interactive. The suit claims, "the four companies participated in the training (of the teen) to kill three men." Now I want to know, where were the parents of this individual? How is it that he was permitted to play the game if he was so easily influenced as to act out the game's plot? Come on, have a little common sense.
First off I can't see why Sony is being sued. What did they do? They made the game system on which the teen played the game. The teen or his parents paid $149.99 for the system. Why is Take-Two being sued? They distributed the games for the Play Station 2 game system. Apparently either the teen or his parents purchased them from GameStop and WalMart at a cost of about $49.99 each. Now the two games in question are Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. These games have a rating of M for Mature. The teen was 16 at the time of the killings. So if he was able to purchase the games on his own, the retailers should be held accountable. But if his parents purchased the games, how can the retailers be held responsible. I know from experience, WalMart asks for a date of birth and GameStop is very attentive to their customers. So what does this say?
The only persons responsible for the deaths of those three men are the teenager and his parents. His parents are ultimately responsible whether he bought them on his own or not. Reason? They are his parents. They should know what is happening in his life. Sony and Take-Two took no active role in the crime. And the likelihood that WalMart and GameStop took even a partial role is sketchy.
As tragic as the loss of the lives of those three honorable public servants is, the companies being sued aren't responsible. Mom and Dad are. http://www.blogsforbush.com/

15 February 2005

Why Won't Kerry Just Go Away?

Senator John Kerry is like a bad case of the flu. He just won't go away. Now he's flapping his gums saying that America would be better off with his military proposals. Let's face it, the Dumocratic Party hasn't had a strong military leader since LBJ. Clinton was weak and Carter was weaker. And judging by Kerry's post Vietnam rhetoric, he would have been also. I am convinced that had Kerry won the election our guys in Iraq and Afghanistan would be worse off. And Iraq would truly turn into the quagmire that Vietnam was. We need a strong Commander-in-Chief and we have one. Thank God.
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Conservative Bloggers Win One For America

In the light of overwhelming pressure from Conservative Bloggers, CNN executive Eason Jordan resigned his post Friday. Score two for the good guys. But did we actually help CNN? Maybe. CNN has slipped from the top position of Cable News Networks and has been replaced by FoxNews Channel. Why? Because you can trust what Fox tells you that's why. And with Jordan's resignation, that gives CNN an opportunity to restructure their organization. But I wouldn't hold my breathe. Remember, Ted Turner still pulls the stings in that particular division of Time Warner. Keep in mind, he used to be Mr. Hanoi Jane Fonda. But that's a rant for another time.
Conservatives are no longer the silent majority. We have found our voice. And it's digital. Bloggers are the news-sources of the future. Look Out CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, and all you other acronyms. Bloggers are here to check your work.

Please sign the Social Security Reform Petition and help protect this resource for the next generation.

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13 February 2005

Why We Need Tort Reform - Common Sense

Ever since the President made Tort Reform a prime issue for Congress to address, I've heard gripes and complaints out of those on the left side of the aisle. Reason? I don't have a clue. If the Dumocrats really had the best interests of the American public in mind, they wouldn't oppose the issue. Class Action Suits are being filed with the best of intentions in mind for the members of the class. But once they are settled who are the real winners? The lawyers. The only reason why the lawyers even take these cases is because the majority of the settlement will be paid to them. There are law firms who only handle class action suits. They make millions and millions suing on behalf of groups of people. And when they win, the people get next to nothing for their injuries. Now I'm not saying that one shouldn't be able to file a law suit if negligence is truly an issue. But every day there are news stories about lawsuit settlements over this issue or that. And they all seem a bit minor or just plain stupidity on the part of the plaintiff. For example, a few years ago a woman sued McDonald's because she had gotten burned by coffee when going through the drive through. Her position? She didn't realize that the coffee would be that hot and McDonald's should have warned her. Now, along the rim of a coffee cup from McDonald's it says "caution hot" all the way around the lip. No brainer! What the hell did the woman think?!? Did she expect it to be luke warm or even cold?!? Today I read on FoxNews.com, a story about McDonald's settling for $8.5 million in a suite involving Trans Fatty Acids. Duh? It's a fast food joint. It isn't Tofu Burgers Are Us. When you go to a burger joint, you should expect that it isn't the healthiest food in the world for you. A few things in life ought to be assumed: Go to a fast food joint, eat food that isn't good for you. Go to a bar, get exposed to second hand smoke. Go to a rock concert, the music is loud. These are the types of lawsuits that the President is looking to reform. Too many people are suing over minor stuff. "Oh No! I got a pickle on my burger, I ordered it without pickle! Call my lawyer!" Stupid crap like this is driving costs up which in turn drives prices up. Then there are those who say "well they can afford it, they sell billions and billions." Well yeah, they do. But to keep prices down, they have to hold their costs down. And legal fees, fines, and settlements add to costs. And it's the customers who pay the difference. That $.99 double cheese burger will maybe have to be increased to $1.10 just because you got a damned pickle!
It's time to grow up America. Because the first thing that companies do to control costs is to cut payroll. It's the first step and raising prices is the last. First you cut your workforce, which adds to the unemployment rolls. Then you close less-profitable locations, which limits choice and adds to the unemployment rolls. Then you eliminate products that don't sell as well as others, which also limits choice and lowers store volume. Then you raise prices, which lowers sales because store volume will fall. Then you close your doors. Why? Because some moron got a damned pickle! So pick the damned thing off, eat your burger, and let your lawyer go hungry. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Visit The Following Websites: https://www.rapiddonor.com/Santorum2006/ http://www.blogsforbush.com/

12 February 2005

Video Games And Today's Youth

In a recent article on FoxNews.com, video games are debated. "Should children be playing video games that recreate some of the world's deadliest conflicts." Now this is a subject on which I may seem to differ with the party. I don't believe that anyone has the right to prevent video game developers the ability to produce, market, and sell their games. There is a rating system that is in force. And as far as I know, the game retailers enforce it. It is up to the parents to dictate to the children as to which games are or are not appropriate. I happen to play these types of games myself. I find them very entertaining. And the reality of the subject matter just makes the game more interesting. If you are aware of the history behind the game, then you know what your objective is.
In "Call of Duty: Finest Hour", the objective is to defeat German forces as a Soviet, then British, and finally American soldier. You are engaged in Stalingrad, North Africa, Belgium, and Germany. Your characters are given tasks that are realistic. In this way, being true to the experience, the game hits the mark. All the game play is supplemented with cut scenes that depict actual WWII footage and narrated by a well known Hollywood voice. I think that it is important to keep today's children interested in the sacrifices made by the finest generation of Americans who ever lived. And games like these do that.
So let's not give in to knee-jerk reactions. Let's keep an open mind and let parents... Parent.
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10 February 2005

Patriotic Necklace Banned in a NY School

We have really degraded as a society if a Public School System can ban the wearing of beads by children. But that is what has happened in Schenectady, NY. A very patriotic young lady named Raven Furbert, a middle school student, hand crafted a necklace made out of red, white, and blue beads. She did this because she wanted to show her support for our troops in Iraq. Her uncle is currently serving in Iraq and has a cousin who was wounded there. And she felt that by doing this, she would honor them.
The school maintains that the wearing of beads is disruptive to the educational process. The district doesn't have a written policy specifically forbidding the wearing of beads, just a general statement that wearing gang related clothing is forbidden. The district stated that local law enforcement had advised them that gang members were sending messages to each other by wearing colored plastic beads. So they are considering the wearing of beads as gang related clothing. Why? Because some cop told them so? Where is the A.C.L.U. now? Conveniently absent I'm afraid.
This little girl made a necklace out of beads using the colors of our national flag. And the school might I add. Just to support our troops. She shouldn't be punished for this. She should be commended. This whole incident is a prime example of what is wrong with the educational system. Shouldn't the school be more concerned with literacy and teaching skills that will help these children survive as adults? Another example of the system Preaching Not Teaching. A.C.L.U. WHERE ARE YOU!! The school should be evaluating things like this on a individual case. The only gang that those colors represent, is us. The United States of America. And I am proud of this young lady.
Raven and her attorney Bob Keach were on Hannity and Colmes Thursday night. At the end of the interview, Sean offered to buy a necklace off of Raven. She said that she'd make him one for free. Sean was haggling with her and no doubt paid her for it. But the gesture shows what kind of children we can have in this country if encouraged such as Raven has obviously been. And in the closing segment, not only was Sean wearing a necklace, so was Alan. Miracle? No, common sense.
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North Korea Has Nukes

During the period that I was fine tuning today's post, FoxNews put up a news alert. North Korea announced today that it has nuclear weapons and they will never give them up. They claim that President Bush's policies forced them to develop nuclear weapons to defend themselves. This is hogwash. North Korea is starving. Once they get hungry enough, they will attempt to take over South Korea. We've been having talks with that rogue nation for too many years. We've been sending them aid in the hopes that this day wouldn't happen. But talks never did a damn thing. We send them aid, and they invest in nuclear development. They are so poor that they can't feed their own people, but they can make a nuclear bomb. On top of all this, keep in mind that Kim Jong Il has been rumored to be "Mentally Challenged". Remember who ran Germany between 1932 and 1945. Hitler is considered to have been a mad man, and I won't argue with that. Do we need such a man with nuclear weapons? Something needs to be done. Keep in mind that Japan is within striking distance of a North Korean missile. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Visit The Following Websites: https://www.rapiddonor.com/Santorum2006/ http://www.blogsforbush.com/

The hypocrisy Of Environmental Fanatics

On FoxNews.com, there is a story about Eco-terrorism in California. Every time I hear of something like this or see Greenpeace floating around the worlds oceans, I can't help but laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. This Eco-terrorist group in California, Earth Liberation Front, is burning down buildings in protest of development of sub-urban areas. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but when a building catches fire, some of the materials used in the construction of that building would produce toxic gases when burned. When fiberglass burns, that's toxic. Fiberglass is used in insulation of walls, attics, crawl spaces, and pipes. Paint, stains, and other coatings could produce fumes that would make people ill. If those materials are toxic to humans, what do you think that stuff does to the environment? Developers must go through a variety of procedures prior to "breaking ground" on a site. The EPA is involved in these processes. If the EPA gives the go-ahead, who are these wackos to say that development of these lands is wrong. Look at Greenpeace. Watch them do a floating protest near off-shore oil platforms. Chugging around the water in vessels which burn vast amounts of fossil fuels. They say the oil platform is damaging to the eco-system. Well, those out dated ships that they are floating around in probably release more oil and other chemicals into the ocean than the platforms. What do they think is in the ships bildge water? They are doing more harm than any good they think that they are doing. Back to the Earth Liberation Front. Not only are they burning these buildings down, but they advertised that they were going to do it in the newspaper. These actions are putting people's lives in danger. These "Eco-terrorists" in my opinion are just plain Terrorists. And should be prosecuted as such. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Click On The Following Link: https://www.rapiddonor.com/Santorum2006/ http://www.blogsforbush.com

09 February 2005

Wictory Wednesday

I guess that I'd better start by saying that I am now a member of a blogging group called Wictory Wednesday. The idea is to help keep the Congress under Conservative Control. Since this is my first posting on Wictory Wednesday I'll mention here Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. He is up for re-election in 2006. If you would like to help keep Senator Santorum in the Senate, please click on the title of this post or on the link below. Thank you.
Now, back to work. It seems that the liberal media is up to their old tricks again. Now, we've put up with the obvious bias for years. And every time we say anything about it, journalists all claim that they are objective. B... S...! Let's look at the media's failures to objective journalism. Just in the past year. Dan Rather (CBS) uses a forged document to try and bring discredit and scandal on our President. Then he goes on record defending the authenticity of the document and his story. Oh that's not liberal bias. During the 2000 Presidential Election, when it looked as though Florida had not gone for Al Gore, Peter Jennings (ABC) was so visibly disappointed, that I thought that he was going to cry on the air. That's not liberal bias. This week, Eason Jordan (CNN) saying that American Troops were intentionally targeting and killing journalists. Then he did a very quick back pedal when he couldn't back it up. But yet nothing out of the "Main Stream Media". FoxNews was the only network that I am aware of to pick up this story. And it's the bloggers who are spreading the word, not the news agencies. But of course, Lt. Gen. Mattis was all over the networks. Rousing up all those liberals in the big cities. So he gets a talking to for not making his responses diplomatic. And Mr. Jordan says a slanderous lie, and he very interestingly has gotten away with it. But that's not a liberal bias.
I'd like to urge anyone who hasn't read Dagney's Rant dated yesterday to do so. Try to repair some of the damage that the media has done to Lt. Gen Mattis. I was very impressed by what I read. http://dagney007.blogspot.com/
And I'd like to suggest checking out other blogs from Wictory Wednesday. Links are in the column.

Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Visit:

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06 February 2005

Ward Churchill: Prime Example Of What's Wrong With The Teaching Profession

It seems that the University of Colorado has a radical for a professor. This idiot actually equates 9/11 victims to Eichman and the Nazis. What kind of deluded people are we allowing to have influence over our children. Most will say that college age people are no longer children, but I say that they are still of impressionable age. I know for sure that my political views were still being shaped well into my twenties. So I say exposure to this imbecile is unacceptable. The only way of minimizing the exposure to our impressionable youth is to take him away from his soap-box. But how do we do that? The University being an arm of the state government, cannot be seen as infringing on the moron's 1st Amendment rights. So how do we accomplish shutting him up? Cut his funding. How? Advocate mass dropping of his classes. How else do you unseat someone who is un-seatable? Where did this idea of tenure get started anyway? All that tenure does, is give teachers permission to become incompetent. And that is what has happened here. Who told teachers that it was proper to involve their personal thoughts and political views into the class room? I know that I didn't approve of that. Free speech is one of our basic rights, but it shouldn't be used in a setting that infringes on the right of a child to develop his/her own way of thinking. No wonder there are so many young liberals in this country. And notice, that a majority of those youngsters who are liberal now, will change their way of thinking. Around age 26 unless they reside inside a major metropolitan area where liberalism is running-a-muck. Also remember, that liberalism is what caused the lifestyle practices which lead to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Just food for thought. So here is what has to happen. First, starting at the elementary and secondary levels, parents should have a choice in the school, teacher, and subject matter (curriculum). We need to approve the school voucher program nation wide and make teaching a business. You produce a quality product ( well educated children and young people) and you will be rewarded. Teachers shouldn't be rewarded whether they produce or not. The wages paid to teachers ought to be based on outcome. So here is my proposal. Standardized testing in the first week of school in each grade level to establish the beginning skill level of the student. Then, in the next to last week of school, the same test is given to the student to establish the ending skill level for that student for whichever grade level that they are in. Each grade level should have it's own test, we'll call it quality control. The teacher's salary for the following year is based on the improvement of his/her students between the first test and the last test. The teacher receives positive marks for each improving student and negative marks for those who don't improve or who fail to improve to acceptable standards. The teacher's performance should be published for review by parents during the summer break. Parents will then make choices as to which teacher (s) their children will be taught by. Classes will be limited to a pre-established number. Children applying for a given teacher will be awarded a place in the class on a first come/ first served basis. Teachers and school administration will not have a choice as to which children are taught. This is to make sure that stacking of gifted students in a given class or school does not happen. Teachers who fail to meet outcome based results will not continue to teach regardless of the amount of time in the profession. Reward good performance. That's the way the real world works. When it comes to college, demand for a particular instructor or professor will naturally create more revenues via tuition. Tuition for a particular class should go to the instructor of that class less pre-determined administration fees which should be established in advance and indexed to the price of living. Costs for books and housing would be determined as they are now. Naturally, more popular instructors and professors will garner the better paycheck. And if I were the parent of a college aged student, I'm not paying for anything that I don't know about. Controversial teachers will have a place, but the parent should decide whether his/her child attends those classes, not Universities and Colleges. I am of the general opinion that less regulation in government is a good thing. But we are talking about a profession that is completely funded by taxpayers at the elementary and secondary levels, and partially in state run institutions of higher learning like the University of Colorado. Choice should be promoted at all levels. Choice promotes better products. Just think about any product in the commercial market. If it isn't any good or is over-priced, it won't sell. So should bad education sell? I say no! And this is the only way that I can see to weed out the non-performing incompetence that the National Teacher's Association wishes to reward just because a mental midget with a Master's Degree thinks of himself/herself a teacher. And by doing this, hopefully we would make it more difficult for morons like Ward Churchill and political activism in the classroom from happening. And just keep in mind, the present system allows for part-time incompetence. Part-time you say? Yes, part-time. At the elementary and secondary school levels, there is 180 teaching days in a school year. That's 6 months. Period, end of discussion. We allow these part-timers to spew their lies of being underpaid when in a sense, they get full time wages for part-time work. Let's look at this logically. Say a teacher makes $35,000.00 per year. Keep in mind they get a check every two weeks whether classes are in session or not. So, that is 26 paychecks at $1,346.15 before taxes. Now for this they only have to report for classes 180 times not counting in service non-instructional days. Keeping in mind that there is no product being produced when there is no students in the classroom. That works out to be $194.44 per class. I wish that I made $194.00 a day. Especially when it seems that I wouldn't have to do anything for it. Or, I could use the class as my own private forum to spread whichever social or political position that I believe, just because I have the undivided attention of a group of people regardless of their age. It's time for this non-sense to stop. As badly as we need Social Security and election reform, we need reform of the educational systems in every community in this country. Because we are producing a crop of under educated and politically polluted young people. Who, if asked about a given subject would give you more leftist political mumbo-jumbo or revisionist history than actual facts.

Will Gribbit let the educational system go with this simple warning? Will liberal America be safe from the pointing out of their obvious shortfalls? Tune in next time to find out. Same Gribbit's Word, Same Gribbit's Blog.

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02 February 2005

The State Of The Union

As interested in politics as I am, I watched the State of the Union very intently. It was pretty evident from the reactions of Congress, where who stands on what issues. But I think rather than get into the nuts and bolts of the particular plans outlined by the President, I'm going to bring up the emotional aspects of the gathering.
The question of are we doing the right thing in Iraq. Well, Afghanistan, Ukraine, the Palestinian Authority, and Iraq all had free elections within the past few months. All of these are major mile stones, two of which we had a direct hand in. Both Afghanistan and Iraq not only held elections, but allowed women to vote. And this was represented at the State of the Union by two female voters, one from Afghanistan and one from Iraq. But the single most emotional moment came when the President introduced the mother and father of a Marine killed in Fallujah. That in itself was an emotional moment, but the woman from Iraq turned around and thanked the mother with a great big tear-filled hug. If that don't tell you how Iraqis feel about us being there, I don't know what will. They want us there. They appreciate us being there. And like I said before, every vote cast on Sunday was a thank you to our troops.
That being said, it is time for our government to show our troops it's appreciation. I believe that if you are reading this, you agree that our troops deserve everything that we can give them. It's time that they get some more benefits. The President has proposed raising the death benefit to those killed in action and raising the life insurance. But I don't think that goes far enough. How about giving our troops an extra couple of hundred dollars per month to live and raise a family on? And what about getting all vehicles armored properly? I understand that they are working on the armor issue, but it should have already been done. We pride ourselves on having the best trained and best equipped military on the planet. And we shouldn't settle for anything less.