15 February 2005

Conservative Bloggers Win One For America

In the light of overwhelming pressure from Conservative Bloggers, CNN executive Eason Jordan resigned his post Friday. Score two for the good guys. But did we actually help CNN? Maybe. CNN has slipped from the top position of Cable News Networks and has been replaced by FoxNews Channel. Why? Because you can trust what Fox tells you that's why. And with Jordan's resignation, that gives CNN an opportunity to restructure their organization. But I wouldn't hold my breathe. Remember, Ted Turner still pulls the stings in that particular division of Time Warner. Keep in mind, he used to be Mr. Hanoi Jane Fonda. But that's a rant for another time.
Conservatives are no longer the silent majority. We have found our voice. And it's digital. Bloggers are the news-sources of the future. Look Out CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, and all you other acronyms. Bloggers are here to check your work.

Please sign the Social Security Reform Petition and help protect this resource for the next generation.

Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Visit The Following Websites: https://www.rapiddonor.com/Santorum2006/ http://www.blogsforbush.com/


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