17 February 2005

Dean Wanted To Hush Press

On this mornings Fox and Friends, a story was reported about the upcoming Howard Dean vs. Richard Perle debate. It seems that Howard Dean insisted that the debate be done with no media present. So the debate was set up informing the press that it would be blacked out. Then the DNC suddenly announced that the press would be allowed to cover the debate. Why? Well Dean doesn't want it covered because he can't have his own words used against him by us conservative bloggers. Remember, he hates us. He hates what we stand for. However, suddenly the press will be permitted to cover the debate. Why? Because blacking out the debate is just as big of a black-eye for the DNC as anything that Dean can say.
Personally, I think that Dean's own personality will work against him in the debate. Richard Perle is the mild mannered type where Dean is easily excitable. All Perle needs to do is push the right buttons and we here in the blogsphere will have fuel for our fires for a year. So I am awaiting this debate. Because I can't wait to take a bite out of that bag of wind.
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