18 February 2005

Domino Theory in Reverse

Back in the bad old days of the Cold War, the major democracies of the world were concerned about the spread of Communism. The Domino Theory it was called. We all feared that Communist ambitions to spread across the globe would engulf country after country like falling dominos. Well it seems that the Domino Theory is alive and well, but instead of Communism spreading, it's Democracy. First it was Afghanistan holding national elections. Next, due in large part to the death of Arafat, the Palestinian Authority held elections. Then our major achievement Iraq. And in a surprise move the Saudis held local elections. Now, it seems that freedom might be sneaking it's way into Lebanon. Syria and Iran are fast becoming the lepers of the Middle East. And this can all be traced back to the strength of one man followed by two others with guts almost as strong as his. Ronald Reagan. It took President Reagan's strong stance against the Soviets that produced the high tech weaponry of today. Then came George H. W. Bush, leading the massive campaign against Saddam's aggression against Kuwait. Now, George W. Bush commands the world's strongest, best equipped, and completely professional military. We are the only country in the world that doesn't conscript our soldiers. And it all started with Reagan. The era of Reagan Conservatism is on the rise. Even after the beloved President pass on from the Earth. But I know, he's in Heaven, looking down upon the United States, and he's proud. Proud that our leadership is delivering so many from the grips of evil. The Soviets may not be our enemy any longer, but the world is still a bad place and we, being the toughest guy in the neighborhood must stand up for those who can't. And for that ability, we owe President Reagan a big THANK YOU.

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