28 February 2005

History...In the Making

President Bush was right! Democracy is on the march in the middle-east. How do I know this? In December, Afghanistan held elections, January the Palestinian Authority held elections, Saudi Arabia held elections, and Iraq held elections. Today, the Lebanese puppet government loyal to Syria resigns amid pressure from protesters and scandal. The people of Lebanon wants Syrian troops out of their country. Lebanon was once a vacation paradise. It is my belief that the people of Lebanon would like it to be again. And they see that Syrian influence and tension with Israel is the obstacle preventing Lebanon from that goal. Without Syrian influence, the Lebanese can find peace with Israel. The main powder keg has been de-fused. Israel is working toward peaceful co-existence with Palestine. Syria sees Lebanon as a buffer between them and Israel. If Israel has no aggression ambitions against Syria, why would they need a buffer? The answer is simple. Syria wants to maintain the instability in the region. They are supplying the insurgency in Iraq, harboring terrorists, financing terrorists, and training terrorists. Syria is the problem in the region, and the people are starting to see that. The bottom line is, Democracy is on the march. Democracy is the answer to peaceful existence world wide. The Domino Effect in reverse. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help pass the Social Security Reform package. This week you can help by signing the online petition. http://www.preservingsocialsecurity.com http://www.blogsforbush.com/


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