10 February 2005

The hypocrisy Of Environmental Fanatics

On FoxNews.com, there is a story about Eco-terrorism in California. Every time I hear of something like this or see Greenpeace floating around the worlds oceans, I can't help but laugh at the hypocrisy of it all. This Eco-terrorist group in California, Earth Liberation Front, is burning down buildings in protest of development of sub-urban areas. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but when a building catches fire, some of the materials used in the construction of that building would produce toxic gases when burned. When fiberglass burns, that's toxic. Fiberglass is used in insulation of walls, attics, crawl spaces, and pipes. Paint, stains, and other coatings could produce fumes that would make people ill. If those materials are toxic to humans, what do you think that stuff does to the environment? Developers must go through a variety of procedures prior to "breaking ground" on a site. The EPA is involved in these processes. If the EPA gives the go-ahead, who are these wackos to say that development of these lands is wrong. Look at Greenpeace. Watch them do a floating protest near off-shore oil platforms. Chugging around the water in vessels which burn vast amounts of fossil fuels. They say the oil platform is damaging to the eco-system. Well, those out dated ships that they are floating around in probably release more oil and other chemicals into the ocean than the platforms. What do they think is in the ships bildge water? They are doing more harm than any good they think that they are doing. Back to the Earth Liberation Front. Not only are they burning these buildings down, but they advertised that they were going to do it in the newspaper. These actions are putting people's lives in danger. These "Eco-terrorists" in my opinion are just plain Terrorists. And should be prosecuted as such. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Click On The Following Link: https://www.rapiddonor.com/Santorum2006/ http://www.blogsforbush.com


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