21 February 2005

Military Hardware Should Be American Made

John Gibson had an interesting article on FoxNew.com. It called out Robert Novak and his French loving ways. It seems that Mr. Novak is opposed to Boeing getting the contract to build new mid-air refueling tankers. He is insisting that Boeing has some shady dealings with someone in the Pentagon to insure the contract. So. There isn't any reason in the world why military hardware shouldn't be entirely built in the United States. Airbus insists that the planes would be built in the US by American workers. Hogwash. Where will the parts be made? I'll tell you. France and Germany. So what would happen if we have to go to war with someone and the French and Germans disapprove? Will they withhold replacement parts? I'd wager they would. Every part of every piece of military equipment should be designed, manufactured, assembled, and maintained by Americans. Not French or German, Americans. I was under the impression that all military contract had to be held by American owned companies. If there isn't such a law, there should be.
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