28 February 2005

News of the Ridiculous

First is a story out of Florida. A 13 year old boy shot a rubber band at his science teacher and gets suspended from school for 2 weeks and the possibility of expulsion is pending. Who hasn't shot a rubber band at another person? If the band is in free flight, the risk of injury is minute. The school contends that it could have hit the teacher in the eye and caused injury. I say that would have been a hell of a shot to do that. It seems that the instinctive reaction of the eye would have shielded it from injury. But, teachers don't want to teach. If they can get a kid out of their class, they do. Suspensions are given out all too frequently. Why? Isn't that rewarding a troublesome student by giving them the day off? Any punishment should be administered on premises. The school system considers this a "Level IV Offense." "Level IV Offenses" include selling drugs and robbery. Apples and oranges if you ask me. Overkill at best. Next is a limo being stolen from a funeral in Erie, Pa. I've lived in Erie, and I must say that would have been a tall order. Funeral processions in Erie are escorted by the Police Department. There is a dedicated motorcycle unit that only handles funerals. Where were they during the theft? For that matter, where was the driver? Next to Oslo, Norway. This is a keeper. It seems some determined thieves stole a 16 ft diameter in ground swimming pool with all it's accessories. The pool was on a vacation property of a Norwegian family, and had been installed for 20 years. That's one heck of a cat burglar.
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