22 February 2005

Spare The Rod...Etc...

In the past few days our President has been engaged in his fence mending tour of Europe. If you've read my blog as of late, you would know that I find the whole idea completely incorrect. We shouldn't be going to Europe with our hat in our hands. Quite the contrary. They should be coming to Washington with their hats in their hands. We should be treating Europe with a strong hand. Spare the rod spoil the child the cliche goes. Well, as childish as Europe has been acting, the cliche fits. We are the dominate military power in the world. Not France and Not Germany. Isn't it enough that we pulled their fat out of the fire and kept it out for over 50 years? Now when we needed their aid and were entitled to it under NATO, where were they? Bad mouthing us rather than living up to their treaty obligations. Beyond the Brits, Italians and Pols, I have no use for them. None at all. So yes, spare the rod spoil the child. So we should stand the bulk of Europe in the corner and send it to bed with no supper.
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