27 February 2005

Syria Puts Forth An Olive Branch, Is It Enough?

Syrian authorities have turned over the half-brother of Saddam Hussein, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, to Iraqi authorities. Syria captured al-Hassan in North East Syria near the Iraqi border. Hassan is number 36 on the top 55 most wanted Iraqis. But is this enough? I say no. How many more of Iraq's Most Wanted are at large in Syria? Is Syria using this gesture to smoke screen their involvement in the assassination of the Democratically elected Prime Minister of Lebanon and their involvement in the bombing of a nightclub in Tel Aviv this past week? I think so. If Syria is truly interested in promoting peace in the region, they would hand over all those terrorists hiding in their country and pull their forces out of Lebanon. But, again, I won't hold my breath. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help pass the Social Security Reform package. This week you can help by signing the online petition. http://www.preservingsocialsecurity.com http://www.blogsforbush.com/


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