12 February 2005

Video Games And Today's Youth

In a recent article on FoxNews.com, video games are debated. "Should children be playing video games that recreate some of the world's deadliest conflicts." Now this is a subject on which I may seem to differ with the party. I don't believe that anyone has the right to prevent video game developers the ability to produce, market, and sell their games. There is a rating system that is in force. And as far as I know, the game retailers enforce it. It is up to the parents to dictate to the children as to which games are or are not appropriate. I happen to play these types of games myself. I find them very entertaining. And the reality of the subject matter just makes the game more interesting. If you are aware of the history behind the game, then you know what your objective is.
In "Call of Duty: Finest Hour", the objective is to defeat German forces as a Soviet, then British, and finally American soldier. You are engaged in Stalingrad, North Africa, Belgium, and Germany. Your characters are given tasks that are realistic. In this way, being true to the experience, the game hits the mark. All the game play is supplemented with cut scenes that depict actual WWII footage and narrated by a well known Hollywood voice. I think that it is important to keep today's children interested in the sacrifices made by the finest generation of Americans who ever lived. And games like these do that.
So let's not give in to knee-jerk reactions. Let's keep an open mind and let parents... Parent.
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