06 February 2005

Ward Churchill: Prime Example Of What's Wrong With The Teaching Profession

It seems that the University of Colorado has a radical for a professor. This idiot actually equates 9/11 victims to Eichman and the Nazis. What kind of deluded people are we allowing to have influence over our children. Most will say that college age people are no longer children, but I say that they are still of impressionable age. I know for sure that my political views were still being shaped well into my twenties. So I say exposure to this imbecile is unacceptable. The only way of minimizing the exposure to our impressionable youth is to take him away from his soap-box. But how do we do that? The University being an arm of the state government, cannot be seen as infringing on the moron's 1st Amendment rights. So how do we accomplish shutting him up? Cut his funding. How? Advocate mass dropping of his classes. How else do you unseat someone who is un-seatable? Where did this idea of tenure get started anyway? All that tenure does, is give teachers permission to become incompetent. And that is what has happened here. Who told teachers that it was proper to involve their personal thoughts and political views into the class room? I know that I didn't approve of that. Free speech is one of our basic rights, but it shouldn't be used in a setting that infringes on the right of a child to develop his/her own way of thinking. No wonder there are so many young liberals in this country. And notice, that a majority of those youngsters who are liberal now, will change their way of thinking. Around age 26 unless they reside inside a major metropolitan area where liberalism is running-a-muck. Also remember, that liberalism is what caused the lifestyle practices which lead to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Just food for thought. So here is what has to happen. First, starting at the elementary and secondary levels, parents should have a choice in the school, teacher, and subject matter (curriculum). We need to approve the school voucher program nation wide and make teaching a business. You produce a quality product ( well educated children and young people) and you will be rewarded. Teachers shouldn't be rewarded whether they produce or not. The wages paid to teachers ought to be based on outcome. So here is my proposal. Standardized testing in the first week of school in each grade level to establish the beginning skill level of the student. Then, in the next to last week of school, the same test is given to the student to establish the ending skill level for that student for whichever grade level that they are in. Each grade level should have it's own test, we'll call it quality control. The teacher's salary for the following year is based on the improvement of his/her students between the first test and the last test. The teacher receives positive marks for each improving student and negative marks for those who don't improve or who fail to improve to acceptable standards. The teacher's performance should be published for review by parents during the summer break. Parents will then make choices as to which teacher (s) their children will be taught by. Classes will be limited to a pre-established number. Children applying for a given teacher will be awarded a place in the class on a first come/ first served basis. Teachers and school administration will not have a choice as to which children are taught. This is to make sure that stacking of gifted students in a given class or school does not happen. Teachers who fail to meet outcome based results will not continue to teach regardless of the amount of time in the profession. Reward good performance. That's the way the real world works. When it comes to college, demand for a particular instructor or professor will naturally create more revenues via tuition. Tuition for a particular class should go to the instructor of that class less pre-determined administration fees which should be established in advance and indexed to the price of living. Costs for books and housing would be determined as they are now. Naturally, more popular instructors and professors will garner the better paycheck. And if I were the parent of a college aged student, I'm not paying for anything that I don't know about. Controversial teachers will have a place, but the parent should decide whether his/her child attends those classes, not Universities and Colleges. I am of the general opinion that less regulation in government is a good thing. But we are talking about a profession that is completely funded by taxpayers at the elementary and secondary levels, and partially in state run institutions of higher learning like the University of Colorado. Choice should be promoted at all levels. Choice promotes better products. Just think about any product in the commercial market. If it isn't any good or is over-priced, it won't sell. So should bad education sell? I say no! And this is the only way that I can see to weed out the non-performing incompetence that the National Teacher's Association wishes to reward just because a mental midget with a Master's Degree thinks of himself/herself a teacher. And by doing this, hopefully we would make it more difficult for morons like Ward Churchill and political activism in the classroom from happening. And just keep in mind, the present system allows for part-time incompetence. Part-time you say? Yes, part-time. At the elementary and secondary school levels, there is 180 teaching days in a school year. That's 6 months. Period, end of discussion. We allow these part-timers to spew their lies of being underpaid when in a sense, they get full time wages for part-time work. Let's look at this logically. Say a teacher makes $35,000.00 per year. Keep in mind they get a check every two weeks whether classes are in session or not. So, that is 26 paychecks at $1,346.15 before taxes. Now for this they only have to report for classes 180 times not counting in service non-instructional days. Keeping in mind that there is no product being produced when there is no students in the classroom. That works out to be $194.44 per class. I wish that I made $194.00 a day. Especially when it seems that I wouldn't have to do anything for it. Or, I could use the class as my own private forum to spread whichever social or political position that I believe, just because I have the undivided attention of a group of people regardless of their age. It's time for this non-sense to stop. As badly as we need Social Security and election reform, we need reform of the educational systems in every community in this country. Because we are producing a crop of under educated and politically polluted young people. Who, if asked about a given subject would give you more leftist political mumbo-jumbo or revisionist history than actual facts.

Will Gribbit let the educational system go with this simple warning? Will liberal America be safe from the pointing out of their obvious shortfalls? Tune in next time to find out. Same Gribbit's Word, Same Gribbit's Blog.

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