13 February 2005

Why We Need Tort Reform - Common Sense

Ever since the President made Tort Reform a prime issue for Congress to address, I've heard gripes and complaints out of those on the left side of the aisle. Reason? I don't have a clue. If the Dumocrats really had the best interests of the American public in mind, they wouldn't oppose the issue. Class Action Suits are being filed with the best of intentions in mind for the members of the class. But once they are settled who are the real winners? The lawyers. The only reason why the lawyers even take these cases is because the majority of the settlement will be paid to them. There are law firms who only handle class action suits. They make millions and millions suing on behalf of groups of people. And when they win, the people get next to nothing for their injuries. Now I'm not saying that one shouldn't be able to file a law suit if negligence is truly an issue. But every day there are news stories about lawsuit settlements over this issue or that. And they all seem a bit minor or just plain stupidity on the part of the plaintiff. For example, a few years ago a woman sued McDonald's because she had gotten burned by coffee when going through the drive through. Her position? She didn't realize that the coffee would be that hot and McDonald's should have warned her. Now, along the rim of a coffee cup from McDonald's it says "caution hot" all the way around the lip. No brainer! What the hell did the woman think?!? Did she expect it to be luke warm or even cold?!? Today I read on FoxNews.com, a story about McDonald's settling for $8.5 million in a suite involving Trans Fatty Acids. Duh? It's a fast food joint. It isn't Tofu Burgers Are Us. When you go to a burger joint, you should expect that it isn't the healthiest food in the world for you. A few things in life ought to be assumed: Go to a fast food joint, eat food that isn't good for you. Go to a bar, get exposed to second hand smoke. Go to a rock concert, the music is loud. These are the types of lawsuits that the President is looking to reform. Too many people are suing over minor stuff. "Oh No! I got a pickle on my burger, I ordered it without pickle! Call my lawyer!" Stupid crap like this is driving costs up which in turn drives prices up. Then there are those who say "well they can afford it, they sell billions and billions." Well yeah, they do. But to keep prices down, they have to hold their costs down. And legal fees, fines, and settlements add to costs. And it's the customers who pay the difference. That $.99 double cheese burger will maybe have to be increased to $1.10 just because you got a damned pickle!
It's time to grow up America. Because the first thing that companies do to control costs is to cut payroll. It's the first step and raising prices is the last. First you cut your workforce, which adds to the unemployment rolls. Then you close less-profitable locations, which limits choice and adds to the unemployment rolls. Then you eliminate products that don't sell as well as others, which also limits choice and lowers store volume. Then you raise prices, which lowers sales because store volume will fall. Then you close your doors. Why? Because some moron got a damned pickle! So pick the damned thing off, eat your burger, and let your lawyer go hungry. Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Visit The Following Websites: https://www.rapiddonor.com/Santorum2006/ http://www.blogsforbush.com/


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