09 February 2005

Wictory Wednesday

I guess that I'd better start by saying that I am now a member of a blogging group called Wictory Wednesday. The idea is to help keep the Congress under Conservative Control. Since this is my first posting on Wictory Wednesday I'll mention here Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. He is up for re-election in 2006. If you would like to help keep Senator Santorum in the Senate, please click on the title of this post or on the link below. Thank you.
Now, back to work. It seems that the liberal media is up to their old tricks again. Now, we've put up with the obvious bias for years. And every time we say anything about it, journalists all claim that they are objective. B... S...! Let's look at the media's failures to objective journalism. Just in the past year. Dan Rather (CBS) uses a forged document to try and bring discredit and scandal on our President. Then he goes on record defending the authenticity of the document and his story. Oh that's not liberal bias. During the 2000 Presidential Election, when it looked as though Florida had not gone for Al Gore, Peter Jennings (ABC) was so visibly disappointed, that I thought that he was going to cry on the air. That's not liberal bias. This week, Eason Jordan (CNN) saying that American Troops were intentionally targeting and killing journalists. Then he did a very quick back pedal when he couldn't back it up. But yet nothing out of the "Main Stream Media". FoxNews was the only network that I am aware of to pick up this story. And it's the bloggers who are spreading the word, not the news agencies. But of course, Lt. Gen. Mattis was all over the networks. Rousing up all those liberals in the big cities. So he gets a talking to for not making his responses diplomatic. And Mr. Jordan says a slanderous lie, and he very interestingly has gotten away with it. But that's not a liberal bias.
I'd like to urge anyone who hasn't read Dagney's Rant dated yesterday to do so. Try to repair some of the damage that the media has done to Lt. Gen Mattis. I was very impressed by what I read. http://dagney007.blogspot.com/
And I'd like to suggest checking out other blogs from Wictory Wednesday. Links are in the column.

Wictory Wednesday asks that you help keep Congress in Conservative Control. This week you can help Senator Rick Santorum R-Pa. To Help Please Visit:

https://www.rapiddonor.com/Santorum2006/ http://www.blogsforbush.com


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