16 February 2005

Wictory Wednesday

Hello again all, it's Wictory Wednesday again. This week we would like for you to sign an on-line petition that will be directed to the Senators from your state. This petition is to express that you wish the passage of the Social Security Reform package proposed by the President.
This week I will be attacking our lawsuit burdened legal system. Tort Reform is on the President's agenda and it's something that is of concern to all of us. Un-necessary law suits drive up costs for businesses and in turn the costs of goods and services to the end user. I am especially concerned about a suit filed in Alabama.
It seems that a teenager in Alabama got it into his head to (1) steal a car, (2) take a cop's gun, (3) shoot two cops and a dispatcher, and (4) steal a patrol car to get away. The families of two of the three men killed are suing GameStop, WalMart, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Take-Two Interactive. The suit claims, "the four companies participated in the training (of the teen) to kill three men." Now I want to know, where were the parents of this individual? How is it that he was permitted to play the game if he was so easily influenced as to act out the game's plot? Come on, have a little common sense.
First off I can't see why Sony is being sued. What did they do? They made the game system on which the teen played the game. The teen or his parents paid $149.99 for the system. Why is Take-Two being sued? They distributed the games for the Play Station 2 game system. Apparently either the teen or his parents purchased them from GameStop and WalMart at a cost of about $49.99 each. Now the two games in question are Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. These games have a rating of M for Mature. The teen was 16 at the time of the killings. So if he was able to purchase the games on his own, the retailers should be held accountable. But if his parents purchased the games, how can the retailers be held responsible. I know from experience, WalMart asks for a date of birth and GameStop is very attentive to their customers. So what does this say?
The only persons responsible for the deaths of those three men are the teenager and his parents. His parents are ultimately responsible whether he bought them on his own or not. Reason? They are his parents. They should know what is happening in his life. Sony and Take-Two took no active role in the crime. And the likelihood that WalMart and GameStop took even a partial role is sketchy.
As tragic as the loss of the lives of those three honorable public servants is, the companies being sued aren't responsible. Mom and Dad are. http://www.blogsforbush.com/


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