30 March 2005

The ACLU Strong Arms Arkansas School District

The Beebe School District in Arkansas agreed to remove disclaimer stickers that they had placed in the front of Science text books. These stickers advised students that evolution was just one theory to the origin of man. The ACLU advised the school district that unless the stickers were removed from the text books, they would suffer the expense of costly litigation. This is just another example of the ACLU using the costly expenses of court proceedings as a way to terrorize America into submitting to it's atheistic agenda. This sticker just suggested that evolution is a theory. And although it's the predominant theory, it is still just a theory. A growing theory of the origins of man is Intelligent Design. To be perfectly honest, whether you believe in Creation or Evolution, how can any of us dismiss the other? Isn't it just possible that God created Adam from dust and Eve from one of his ribs in one little portion of the world while man was evolving in the rest of it? Isn't it possible that the evolution of man was by God's design? I believe so. All that the stickers did, was to offer the student the option of keeping an open mind about the theories. It didn't force any religious thought on anyone. If a student who doesn't believe, read the sticker and dismissed it, that is his/her option. But to dismiss the idea of Divine Intervention is robbing our children of the possibilities that what they learn in Sunday School was involved. All that proponents of Intelligent Design are asking is that we allow our children to keep an open mind when it comes to these theories. Let the children decide. Give them the scientific evidence of evolution while teaching it as a theory. By teaching it as absolute truth, children are becoming confused when their religious teachings contrast those of the school. And how can the children believe either when they don't compliment each other. The atheists at the ACLU want to turn our nation into non-believing, dope smoking, baby killers who have no compassion or use for the elderly and disabled. And they are using our own court system against us. We need to stand up to these un-Americans. We need to bring back the values that made us the strongest and most compassionate nation in the world.
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