11 March 2005

American Justice Under Attack

Today a Superior Court Judge in Fulton County Georgia was shot and killed by a Defendant in a Rape case being heard in his court. Judge Rowland Barnes and his court reporter were killed in the court room. A sheriff's deputy transporting the suspect to the court room was apparently overpowered and her sidearm was taken. The deputy sustained an injury to the face including several fractures of the head. The suspect then went into the court room and killed the judge and his court reporter. During his escape from the courthouse, another deputy was shot and killed trying to prevent him from escaping. A fifth victim, a reporter, was parking his car when he was injured by the suspect who then stole his car to make his get away.
The reason why I just played reporter is to give background on my subject. Last week a federal judge's family was killed at her home. This week a defendant shoots and kills a judge in court. Today's FoxNews.com viewer poll is, "Should taxpayers pay for guards on all judges?" The results as of 1:15 pm eastern were, 357 (14%) yes, 1,089 (44%) no, 987 (39%) only if there's been a threat, & 82 (3%) not sure. It seems that these people need more protection that they are currently receiving. We are apparently unable to protect them on the job let alone protecting them at home. It seems to me, that with all of the money that this country sends abroad, we could earmark more money for courthouse security and judicial protection. Or maybe uniform rules for handling of prisoners being transported for trial should be adopted. For example, requiring the transport be handled by more than one armed escort.
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