07 March 2005

And Then There Was Silence

I wonder what happened to Notes. I got no comment on my last posting. Dealing with me must have been like dealing with his own blog. Two and out. He posted to his own blog On July 8th and 9th, 2002 then stopped. Flash in the pan, fly by night, egotistical liberal. Well if he stops interjecting his misguided comments to my blog, I guess I should leave him alone. But I may refer back to him from time to time. Why? Because I don't believe in letting liberals off the hook for anything.
That being said, Senator Ted Kennedy was on his own this weekend. While the minority leadership was making their scare tactic tour, Ted branched out on his own. In a town hall style meeting in his home state, he was confronted with a question that raised his alcohol diluted blood pressure. The question was why are Congressional Democrats opposed to common Americans enjoying the same retirement benefit that they have. The Asset Allocation Accounts that government employees and elected officials have is much superior to Social Security as it currently exists. 'Ol Ted really got POed at the question. I haven't seen such a rise out of him in years. I guess if they raised the price of Scotch maybe he might get that mad. You can tell when you have them. They get physically upset. Almost uncontrolled. Look at Slick Willie when he was asked about Monica? I thought he was going to jump out of his skin. Ted Ted Ted, calm down, have a cocktail and lick your wounds. Being wrong about everything has been the natural course of your life. You should be used to it.
Now onto another subject. Dumocrats are threatening to shut down the Senate if Republicans are able to get a majority vote to end the filibuster of confirmations. Senator Robert Byrd, likened Republicans to Nazis. Sounds like political suicide to me. That old, forgive the pun, bird has only remained in office this long because he is well known for bringing a lot of pork spending to West Virginia. There is what causes deficits. Pork. Not necessary defense spending. One of the primary duties of the federal government is to provide for the common defense. Not to build bridges and subsidies the West Virginia Turnpike. If you've ever traveled it, you know that it's constantly being repaired. It must be the best maintained highway in the United States. All that federal funding along with the toll that is charged adds up to some major cash. The best maintained highway in the poorest state in the union. There are families in West Virginia who are just scraping by. There are families in West Virginia who are dependent on organizations like Feed The Children to survive. We are the richest country in the world. But we spend our money in the wrong way. Should we be funding road repairs on a highway that has a toll? I don't think that we should. But Robert Byrd has maintained a seat in the Senate for most of his adult life. He's in his 80s. He is up for re-election in 2006. West Virginia, send a message to that old crow. Kick him out just like Tom Daschle.

You can help pass the Social Security Reform package. You can help by signing the online petition. The petition will be forwarded to both the Senators from your state and urges passage of the reform package. http://www.preservingsocialsecurity.com http://www.blogsforbush.com/


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