06 March 2005

Apples & Oranges

I've been receiving comments from Notes From The Underground. Well Notes has a problem with my criticism of the ACLU. I have a problem with Notes defense of that mis-guided organization. Socialism is on the march. And people like Notes and the ACLU are leading the parade. It's up to us, the Conservative majority to stop these liberal city dwellers from forcing their wants and desires on us.
Notes cites Ex Parte Quirin as defense of his position. Ex Parte Quirin has nothing to do with the current detainee situation. The petitioners in Ex Parte Quirin, were granted the Supreme Court hearing because they were captured in the United States. They all had lived in the United States. One of them was a United States citizen. The detainees at Guantanamo Bay, were captured in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere outside of the United States. There is no evidence that any of them ever lived in the United States, and none are citizens. There is the difference Notes. Also, Notes contends that the administration is using the detention of these individuals in Cuba as a way to deny them Constitutional protections. Well, FDR, a Democrat, detained Nazi POWs in Canada for the same reasons we are detaining these terrorists in Cuba. Same reasons. The Geneva Conventions adopted 12 August, 1949 requires us to remove POWs and captured belligerent non-combatants from the battle area. But it does not require us to absorb them within our borders. Ex Parte Quirin upheld the President's ability to set trial by military tribunal for belligerent non-combatants. The decision of the court was to deny the leave for habeas corpus. But it also set no time limit or guarantee of a speedy trial. The Department of Defense will proceed when it is appropriate.
There is no evidence that the interrogation methods in use are not consistent with interrogation methods used by this government in other armed conflicts. We cannot and will not use any method which will cause physical injury to the detainees. As far as humiliation, they are prisoners. The idea that the way we are treating these detainees will backfire and cause our troops to be treated more harshly by our enemies is wrong. How much harsher can you get from beheading. That's what it comes down to.
I read your blog Notes. And I say again, Get A Life.
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