12 March 2005

Crime and Punishment

Yesterday, Brian Nichols overtook a Deputy Sheriff, took her gun, and shot her in the face. He then proceeded into a court room, took the court room hostage, shot and killed the presiding Judge and his court recorder execution style. He then escaped the court house killing another Deputy Sheriff. He then proceeded to carjack several cars injuring a newspaper reporter in the process. He then escaped Federal, State, County, and Atlanta law enforcement officials for about 26 hours. Sometime during the night or early morning he also shot and killed an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent. Also during the night, he took a female hostage and held her in her apartment. Sometime around 9:30 this morning, she managed to escape him and called 911. A Gwinnett County Police Officer, who was first on the scene, quickly established that it was in fact Nichols held up in the apartment. Gwinnett Police then informed all the appropriate authorities and deployed their SWAT Team to the scene. He was then captured this morning by officials from the ATF, FBI, GBI, and Gwinnett County Police Department SWAT Team without incident. He is now being held by the FBI in a Federal Detention Center in downtown Atlanta.
This monster killed a Federal Agent, a judge, a Deputy Sheriff, and a court official. He is also responsible for injuries to another Deputy and a newspaper reporter. The evidence against him is mountainous. But I am willing to bet, that someone is going to say that the evidence is tainted or prejudicial, or he was being discriminated against. I'll bet. This monster deserves the most ugly form of execution for his crime. But he will receive the most humane treatment on the planet, but yet someone will say he is being mistreated. I'd wager on that.
It all comes down to the liberal ideas against incarceration. Liberals generally don't like the death penalty. Liberals are against our detention of those foreign terrorists. I am of the opinion that if the liberals would have their way, the country would be roaming with drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and other felons without holding any of them accountable for their crimes. This stuff needs to stop! The lawlessness has got to stop. Tougher penalties is the only way. Make the killing of any law enforcement officer or judge a federal case with a mandatory death penalty. The appeals process for death penalty cases should be expedited. So that the time between the commission of the crime and the ultimate execution is reduced. That in itself would save so much taxpayer money.
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