29 March 2005

A Departure From The Norm

I'm going to take today and depart from my normal tone. Last night on FoxNews Channel, I saw a report on wounded US Soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center. It seems that the US Army has announced that some soldiers with amputated limbs are going to be permitted to remain in the Army. It was refreshing to see, that not only is the Army allowing some of these soldiers to stay in, but that so many soldiers are willing to. These guys, and gals, have paid a horrible cost for us to be here safe and sound; and arguing our viewpoints under their protection. So far 8 soldiers have been approved to return to active duty. We have been trying to tell our disabled citizens that a physical impairment shouldn't be an obstacle to the engagement of their chosen vocation. And now, the Army is taking this to heart. Soldiers with artificial legs and arms will be permitted to continue to do a job that they love. Serving the people of the United States of America. And I applaud them. Michael Schiavo has broken down and is allowing an autopsy to be performed on Terri after her death. Big of him isn't it. There have been some reports that suggest that an autopsy is required in cases such as this. So I think that his attorney convinced him that since one will be done anyway, it would make him look better if he went on record insisting that one be performed so that the public can know the extent of Terri's injuries. But he still insists that Terri be cremated and buried in his family plot. The Schindlers wish to have a Catholic funeral and buried in Florida where they can visit her grave. Michael has had everything his way so far, why won't he just give the Schindlers back their daughter? Why must he be so evil? Asking those questions is like asking Hitler why he murdered the Jews or Saddam why he gassed the Kurds. He's just plain evil. I've not touched on the Michael Jackson case to this point because I don't think that it's worthy of coverage. But some of the upcoming testimony is going to be potentially damning to Michael. Let's face it, he's weird. And if these allegations are true, it wouldn't surprise me. He has been slipping downhill ever since his "Bad" album. Richard Jeni uses a one man type skit in his latest special. Taking the position of the prosecuting attorney he says, "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, there he is. The Prosecution rests." Let's face it, Michael Jackson is as strange as a $3.oo bill. And if he isn't guilty of these charges, the fact remains that he brought this upon himself. And if he is, put him in a cell next to Scott Peterson. But then again, Michael in the General Population would be a good thing I think.
And what about the copyright case being heard by the Supreme Court today? It seems to me, that the software development companies cannot be held responsible for abuses by users. And to be honest, what is the difference if someone copies a cd and gives it to a friend or transfers it via email or through a file sharing program? Or what about downloading (legally), and your computer is on a local area network that shares files? There is no difference. I personally like to copy my cd's and play the copies so that the one that I bought doesn't get scratched. Is that illegal? And I think that I've read somewhere that most of the people who download music usually end up buying the cd anyway. So what's the difference? I'm not advocating the illegal downloading of music to intentionally break the copyright. I just don't see how it can be policed. And on that same note, it seems to me that the 2 industries who are the most liberal in the world, the motion picture industry and the music industry, are awful concerned about the losses in revenue. So what do they actually believe? In a Socialist or Communist society, anything produced is for the benefit of the people. There is no personal gain involved. It seems to me, that the movie and music industries are being a little hypocritical. Agree with me or not, that is the way I think. Have a good day.
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Blogger John said...

Michael Shiavo is a dirtbag! As for the first part of your post...I salute the troops. They deserve our respect!

3/29/2005 02:32:00 PM  
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