17 March 2005

Dumocrats Threaten Senate Shutdown

Senator Harry Reid and his hardcore liberal fatcats held a rally the troops session on Wednesday. "The news reports today said we want to shut down the Senate. That couldn't be anything further from truth," said Reid of Nevada. But yet, Senator Reid and his buddies warned that if Senate Republicans cancelled the judicial filibuster, that they would block all legislation. Excuse me, but who is doing the blocking? The Constitution does not require a super majority to bring a judicial nominee to a vote. It only requires a majority. However, it does take a super majority to stop a filibuster under Senate rules. The Senate Judiciary Committee votes today on the confirmation of William Myers to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Senate Republicans could use the Myers confirmation to force a vote to end the filibuster. Once debate starts, the Senate Majority Leader could call for a roll call vote to suspend the rules, which also takes a simple majority, and thus ending the Dumocrat filibuster. But Republican members would rather the Dumocrats answer one simple question. Why can't a nominee with 58 votes be seated on the bench? Keep in mind who the party of obstructionism is. Remember these dates and who is saying what. Because come next year's mid-term elections, the DNC rhetoric will be that the opposite is true. They will be claiming, and they've already started, that it was the GOP who shut down the Senate. But we here in the blogsphere need to keep the fire under the kettle and listen to the DNC whistle (to use a Ratherism). But there is another one of their strategies, silencing us. There is an effort to silence political bloggers. And since Conservative bloggers seem to be carrying more weight these days, it's got them scared. So they want to shut us up. Don't let them. Keep yelling, keep screaming, keep pointing out those hypocrites for what they are. Obstructionist.
They had a 46 year majority in the House and what did they do with it? Robbed us blind. Where did the Social Security Trust Fund go? It went into pork. Pork is the currency that Congress works on. It gets lousy Congressmen and Senators re-elected. The more federal funding that you can bring home to your district, the more votes you get. And Dumocrats have taken advantage of this since 1949. The worst being Sen. Robet Byrd (Dem WV), "the King of Pork". The Clinton budget surpluses are the result of the fiscal responsibility of the Contract With America. In a Republican controlled Congress. Interesting isn't it.
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