05 March 2005

Get Ready For Round Two

By round two I mean the Eason Jordan statements that got him into hot water. Now I'm not saying that he would be ignorant enough to open his mouth again. Just that those same ideas will be coming forth from other sources. Thursday a car carrying an Italian journalist who was held hostage in Iraq, and the Italian Intelligence Officer who negotiated her release, was fired upon by US forces. The car was traveling at a high rate of speed and ignored hand signals, lights, and warning shots meant to slow down the car and initiate a stop at the checkpoint. When the car failed to stop, US troops were forced to fire into the car in an effort to disable the engine. During the assault, the journalist was wounded and her escort was killed trying to shield her from the incoming rounds. Had the car stopped as instructed, the whole incident would not have happened. Our troops are often times given orders to carry out tasks without knowing the purpose. And with that fact, sometimes journalists can be witness to such actions and not see the benefit to the safety of the soldiers involved, or the tactical significance of the operation. The death of this Intelligence Officer is the real tragedy here. He was obviously an important asset to Italy. He safely negotiated the journalist's release. And his contribution will be felt not only by the Italians, but us as well. And the absence of such an asset hurts us all. Sometime within the next few days, I expect the liberal press to be saturated with stories of how our troops mis-handled the situation. I also expect some ultra liberal journalist to come up with some manufactured story on how the Italian journalist was the real target of the assault. Like for some reason our troops wanted her dead. That is hogwash of course. But mark my words, it's coming. And if you think that things like this aren't planned, you are mistaken. There is an effort in Washington by our friends on the left to regain control of Congress. In the lead up to the 2006 mid-term elections, liberals like Senator Edward Kennedy are going to be finger pointing at every perceived setback. And saying that the Republicans are to blame for it. They think that they can do to us as we did to them in 1994. But this plan of theirs has a major flaw. We had the Contract With America. They have no idea what they can do for America. They are engaged in their own internal battles trying to decide which direction their party should go. The last election showed them that they have truly lost touch with the American people. Those who scream the loudest that the administration is wrong, are the very ones who wish to turn the United States into the Soviet Union West. And I mean that. The Dumocratic Party is the party of big government. As history shows. And big government is what Orwell called "Big Brother" in "1984". People, less government intrusion in your life is the way toward true freedom. Every time the government gets involved in anything, they screw it up. And the only answer to this is to keep the government out of our lives as much as possible. They tout that they are the party of civil liberties. They boast an organization called the American Civil Liberties Union. But the ACLU is more concerned with granting American civil liberties to foreign terrorists who never set a dirty footprint inside of the United States, than protecting the civil liberties of you and me. Just ask Raven Furbert of New York. Her school system violated her civil rights and the ACLU was crying about Guantanamo prisoners. That's Dumocrats for you. Priorities are all messed up. They create crisis where none exist and cry about them. But show them a real crisis and they ignore it saying that there is no problem. Look at Social Security. We all know that's a mess. So I say America, don't be fooled again. Please let Congress know that you support the Social Security Reform package. You can help by signing the online petition. http://www.preservingsocialsecurity.com http://www.blogsforbush.com/


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