07 March 2005


Giuliana Sgrena is the Italian journalist who was wounded the other day in the shooting incident at the American checkpoint on the road to the Baghdad Airport. She keeps changing her story. First the car wasn't speeding, then it was going normal speed, then it was going so fast as to almost lose control avoiding puddles in the road. What are we to believe? I'll tell you what, not a word. The only consistent stories of the incident seem to be coming from the American troops that she has accused of deliberately targeting her. Sounds as though she's been given a Eason Jordan briefing lately. And keep in mind that she writes for a Communist newspaper in Italy.

**Hat Tip to RIGHTWING NUTHOUSE.** I don't claim to be an expert in this subject, but in my opinion Rightwing is. If you want to know the whole lowdown on this, I'd check RIGHTWING NUTHOUSE out. http://rightwingnuthouse.blogspot.com You will be redirected, but it's worth the read.

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