19 March 2005

Help Bring Down The ACLU

The ACLU has been called "The Most Dangerous Organization In America." This is a true statement. It is one that has been coined by one of my favorite journalists, Bill O'Reilly. The ACLU is anything but what their name implies. American Civil Liberties Union, union is right. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics maybe. But as far as the rest of it, I don't think so. The only people that they are aimed at protecting the civil liberties for are foreign terrorists, people who wish to turn the United States into a drug haven, and those who seek to destroy religious organizations. Terrorists being detained at Guantanamo Bay were captured in a war zone. According to the Geneva Conventions, we are obligated to remove our prisoners from the field of battle and secure them in a location safe from the battle area. These are individuals who can be classified as enemy belligerent non-combatants. They were on the field of battle, not wearing uniforms (which is considered to be a visible sign recognizable from a distance), not necessarily carrying arms openly but never the less carrying arms, and taking up battle against our forces. These individuals have declared loyalties to someone who has declared war upon the United States. Therefore, they can be held, without being charged, until the end of hostilities upon which we have an obligation. We either charge them with war crimes or send them home. However, since they are not classified as POWs, they are subject to being charged with violation of the laws of war and tried by a military tribunal. The ACLU would have you believe that they are entitled to representation by American attorneys and tried in federal court. I would agree, had they been captured in the United States, were citizens of the United States, or if we were holding them inside of the United States. But they weren't captured in the United States, and are not citizens, and we aren't holding them inside of the United States. So what does the ACLU do? They sue the Secretary of Defense. So, we start sending them back to their home countries, and now they are trying to stop us from doing that. I wish that these bozos would make up their minds. We are not going to give them the very protections which they are trying to destroy. So either they need to let the Department of Defense handle their prisoners according to accepted international law, or let us send them back to where they came from. Not were we found them, to the country where they have citizenship. If they are tortured when they get there, the ACLU would only have themselves to blame. But they are not entitled to civil liberties which we cannot even guarantee to one of our own citizens, Terri Shiavo. The ACLU actually helped Michael Shiavo file the briefs which ultimately contributed to Terri's Law being struck down by the Florida Supreme Court. And yesterday, under court order, Terri's doctors removed a feeding tube which was supplying her with the nutrients that are keeping her alive. She will die in about 5-7 days of dehydration and starvation. Not of her injuries, of being denied sustenance. And why are we torturing this woman? Because her husband is being selfish and the ACLU helped. We can put Terri Schiavo through a torturous death but we can't attempt to extract information from terrorists who are hell bent on destroying our way of life. Something is wrong with that. So what can we do about the ACLU? We can shine the light of truth upon them. We can expose them for what they are. We can do whatever it takes to exercise our rights of free speech to combat the evil that they advocate. It is a liberal organization which is hell bent on killing our way of life. A website has been created called Stop The ACLU.org, and a blog by the same name Stop the ACLU to bring to light the criminal ways of this fraudulent organization. From those two sites, a grassroots blogging organization is being started. We wish to start a weekly blogging group where we tackle a subject related to bringing light to an injustice perpetrated against the American people by the ACLU. And you can help. Just leave me a comment with your blog name and your email address and I will see that the information regarding this blogging group makes it your way. We plan on blogging on Thursdays. This week's topic is the ACLU's drug legalization effort. It looks to be very enlightening.
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