20 March 2005

Liberalism At It's Best

I was going through some blogs on my blogroll and I came across YoungPundit.com. So I read his blog and it's a good one. But I was shocked at what I saw. He said that he was surfing and came across this on a Liberal's blog. You won't believe what you read. Hat tip to YoungPundit.
"They pulled the plug on that dead Schiavo bitch, and it's about fucking time I say. If only we could do the same to the Pope. The case is a no-brainer, get it? I apologize. I stole that from some other guy's blog. But seriously, her brain has deteriorated to nothing but goo. It's literally nothing but spinal fluid. Her brain fucking melted! From a guy's perspective, I don't know why he'd want to pull the plug. He has it good. The bitch doesn't say a word, and she's *technically* alive so he can fuck the bitch whenever he wants! But whatever, I don't care why he wants her dead. That's not my business. The point is, he's in the precarious position that EVERY man would enjoy -- killing his wife LEGALLY! The bitch doesn't have a brain, there's no amount of rehabilitation that could resuscitate her, so you conservatives need to keep your hands off, and quit turning regular civilians into victims just to bolster public opinion of yourselves. Here's a newsflash, conservatives, Jesus isn't coming back any time soon to save that woman." A site called "Kill Every White Person". Check it out if you don't believe me. But caution, the language is kind of harsh.
So I don't ever want to hear from them that they have the best of intentions for the American people when they can publish trash like this. If this is indicative of the common feeling of the left, how can anyone be a liberal. If I were Alan Colmes, I would change parties. But sentiments like this doesn't surprise me coming out of Howard Dean's brand of Dumocrat.
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What an asshole!

3/20/2005 01:51:00 PM  

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