30 March 2005

Life And Death, Who Decides?

There are several strange occurrences surrounding the Terri Schiavo right to live case. First off, when Michael Schiavo hired George Felos in 1999, what do you think his first action was? He filed a petition to introduce H.R. 2131 in the Florida Legislature. H.R. 2131 is an amendment to section 765 (Civil Rights) of the Florida statutes. Amending Section 765.101, the legal definitions of "life prolonging procedures", to include, "INCLUDING ARTIFICIALLY PROVIDED SUSTENANCE AND HYDRATION, WHICH SUSTAINS, RESTORES, OR SUPPLANTS A SPONTANEOUS VITAL FUNCTION." It became law on 1 October 1999. In other words, he wrote the law which is enabling the court to order Terri's feeding tube to be removed. Interesting isn't it? These two men have been doing whatever it takes to end Terri's life. Add this to allegations of trouble in the marriage, the sudden unexplained reason which put her in this state, the infidelity, allegations of abuse, the suspension of therapy, the late revelation that it was Terri's wish to be put to death, and the full frontal assault on the judicial system to get to the point which she is in. In my opinion, Michael Shiavo and George Felos have conspired to use the legal system to kill Terri Schindler-Schiavo. Why? Let's explore that. First off Terri was a devout Catholic. So ending her life in this way would be considered a sin. Next, her injuries are not life threatening. Terri has been denied the ability to receive modern treatments which could have sparked improvement. Next there is the allegations of abuse. A doctor who examined Terri states that he feels that Terri could have been strangled. Isn't that interesting? He has also stated that Terri isn't in a PVS but rather in a limited conscience state. Michael has not allowed new diagnostic methods to be used on Terri. Why? Michael's attorney goes to the state legislature to push through the very amendment to the law which is allowing the only judge who has heard arguments to rule in Michael's favor. In our criminal justice system, you only have to raise the possibility of reasonable doubt to get acquitted of the crime. There is plenty here to assume that reasonable doubt is present. So how is it that she is being put to death? Because Michael and his attorney are monsters. Judge Greer is incompetent. And he has allowed Michael and his attorney to play the system to the point of abuse. If he recognizes this, he can't change his rulings for fear that this becomes known. And if he doesn't see that he's been played, then he's in on it. This case has more holes in it that Swiss cheese. I can see this and I'm not an attorney. If I were on a jury hearing this evidence, I'd see enough circumstantial evidence that something was wrong with their marriage. Something that may have contributed to Terri's injuries. I am only speculating, but I feel that Michael attempted to kill Terri. And when that didn't work, he used his position as her guardian to keep her condition from improving. I believe the nurses who have attested to abuse in the nursing facilities. I take them at their sworn word, as stated in their sworn affidavits. I believe the Doctor who examined Terri for 90 minutes over the Doctor who examined her for 45 minutes and testified that she was in PVS. In my opinion, this PVS position is designed for the express intent to end Terri's life. As long as she cannot communicate her own wishes, she cannot tell the truth as to what happened to her. In a nutshell, this is murder. Plain and simple. And these people had better make sure that there is no trail. Because when she's gone, I don't see the Schindlers giving up on this. I see an investigation on the horizon. One that is going to blow up in a Judge's face. I just hope that when the dirt starts to fly, the media pays as much attention to it as they are now. These monsters need to be stopped. But unfortunately it won't be in time. And it occurs to me, that George Felos's membership on the board of a Hospice, seems kind of fishy. Something is rotten in Denmark, and it smells like George Felos.
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