20 March 2005

Michael Schiavo A Modern Day Hitler

Or maybe I should say Henry VIII. There is no medical reason to disconnect the feeding tube of Terri Schiavo. None! Terri's injuries will not be the cause of her death, it will be starvation. This is a barbaric way to die. And that animal Michael, goes onto TV acting like the victimized husband who is having his personal decisions trampled on by the Congress. He is such a lousy excuse of a human being. If he needed a way out of the marriage, why didn't he just file for a divorce? The Schindler family is willing to accept all responsibility for her care. It is obvious that Michael doesn't care about Terri. He's living with another woman and has children with her. All while his legal wife lays dying in a Hospice on his order. He's a monster. And thank the Lord that we have elected leaders who recognize that this is wrong. The Congress, in the most sweeping way since the war in Afghanistan started, has acted to pass legislation with amazing speed (considering it's Congress).
I could understand the decision to disconnect the feeding tube, if she were brain dead, but she isn't. She's brain damaged. There is no machine pumping her blood. There is no machine making her breathe. There is no machine cleaning her blood for her kidneys. To rob her of food is an act of barbarism. And should be prosecuted as a crime. Haven't we lost enough good people this week? Let her live. Let the Schindler's decide what's best for their family. Michael has his own family now. And Terri isn't a part of it.


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