28 March 2005

The Removing Of Faith In America

Today is the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll. I'm wondering how long it's going to take to remove that event from the calendar. Or how about the end to the Presidential pardon of the Thanksgiving turkey? And what about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and St. Patrick's Day parades? These are all traditions as old as our nation itself. Thanksgiving is a holiday in which we give thanks to our creator for a good harvest. St. Patrick brought Christianity, and more specific Catholicism, to Ireland. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and Easter the Resurrection of the Holy Spirit. Because our nation was founded by Christians, these holidays have become part of the framework of our country. But as important as our Christian beliefs are, the beliefs of Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and other religious sects are just as important. We should be celebrating our diversity not shunning it. How do we learn about our fellow Americans without celebrating our common heritage? No people with the exception of native Americans started here. We brought these beliefs here. And because all of them are practiced here, they are all part of our common heritage. It would be nice to understand why the customs of other religious beliefs are practiced. And just because I'm Christian, should I refrain from honoring the traditions of my Jewish and Muslim neighbors? If they fast during the daylight hours on their religious holiday, should I not do the same as a way of accepting the customs of my neighbor? As long as those customs don't violate the teachings of my religion, I would say it would be a way to better experience God. We can all learn how to better experience our faith if we understand those of others. And we should not be prevented from that experience. By removing the public celebrations of religious holidays, we are robbing ourselves a chance to better understand our neighbors. And understanding of others leads to peace. Our state and local governments are so afraid of costly court proceedings that they are removing our public celebrations. The states, cities, towns, and villages of our country have enough of a financial burden to overcome. We have a mounting drug problem. Poverty is on the rise. Industry is leaving our country in seek of less expensive business environments. It is a fact, than when people are in distress, religious participation increases. This is natural. But groups like the ACLU have our communities handcuffed. And so an already depressed situation becomes worse. Say no to the terrorist activities of organizations like the ACLU. Say yes, to American family values and religious tolerance. Celebrate our religious diversity and understand each other. Practice your beliefs and invite others to join in. If asked to join in another's belief, weigh it against the teachings of your faith and if there is no conflict, experience God in a different light. Be inclusive not exclusive. We are all God's children, become closer to him any way available. Practices like these lead to understanding and peace. And that should be the ultimate goal.
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Blogger John said...

You write enough about the ACLU that you should be crossposting this stuff over at my site!

3/28/2005 02:18:00 PM  
Blogger Terry Finley said...

I like your blog. thanks.

I invite you to come study baptism and the Holy Spirit with me.


Terry Finley

3/30/2005 10:45:00 PM  
Blogger Gribbit said...

Thank You Terry, I just might.

4/06/2005 01:09:00 AM  

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