16 March 2005

Senate Approves Drilling In ANWR

The Senate today has approved in a 51-49 split along party lines to allow drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. The administration contends that the drilling would take place within a 2,000 acre area along ANWRs coastal plain. Dumocrats contend that drilling in the refuge would disrupt calving caribou. They also contend that it would disrupt polar bears, musk oxen, and migratory birds. Their contention is, that although the limited drilling area is small in comparison to the total area of ANWR, the spider web of pipelines would disrupt the wildlife. It seems to me that was the same argument made before the building of the Alaskan Pipeline. If I'm not mistaken, the pipeline was built so that the migrating animals could pass under it.
This is just the DNC and Senate Dumocrats pandering to the environmental lobby. If the treehugger corps. had their way, we would abandon North America and leave it to the animals and plant life. For the love of Mike, PETA released a statement yesterday advising Vice President Cheney to take up bird watching and hiking when he retires instead of going fishing. They claimed that the fish on the end of the line is put through extreme agony. I have never heard anything that is so absurd in my entire life.
The drilling in ANWR, once started, should help ease this nation's dependency on foreign oil. And there my friends is the weakness in our armor. Without an independent source of oil, we would be crippled should all of our foreign sources stop shipping to us. So ANWR makes more sense in the post September 11th world that we live in. Now it needs to pass in the House.
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