23 March 2005

Spreading the Advancement of Communism in America

Hanoi Jane
John Kerry's very good friend on her landmark "Patriotic" visit to North Vietnam in 1972. Upon her return, Hanoi Jane claimed that American POWs being held in North Vietnam were being treated well and not being tortured. We can look back on this as a landmark in Hollywood liberalism and see it for what it was. Communist advancement in the United States via the influences of Hollywood. And John Kerry's approval of such activities puts him in the same boat with the most wanted US War Criminal of all time. Hanoi Jane Fonda. Even though the decades have passed, the Anti-American sentiment out of Hollywood has advanced the truths that the House Un-American Activities Committee were in search of. Communist influence in the motion picture industry is more evident now than in the 1950s. No further evidence need be put forth than this picture of Hanoi Jane with NVA soldiers in Hanoi in 1972. This picture was taken of Jane as she sat on the seat of a NVA anti-aircraft gun. A gun that was used to shoot down our brave pilots. The very ones that Jane claimed were being treated well and not being tortured. And this is the kind of person that John Kerry spent time with after his tour of duty in Vietnam. John and Jane campaigned against the war. And now, John Kerry is obstructing the release of his military records. I wonder why? Is it possible that his claims of being a war hero are false? Could it be that maybe he provided aid and comfort to the enemy? Well, we really don't need the release of his military records to prove that. Upon his discharge from the military, he provided aid and comfort to the enemy just by touring the United States with this War Criminal touting the end of the war. And this is someone who has maintained a seat in the U.S. Senate? This is a person that had an opportunity to run for President of the very country that he was aiding the enemies of? Every time that I see that smug a**hole on TV, I want to vomit. And the Dumocrats chose this person as their candidate. They put all their chips behind a War Criminal. And any of you Moonbats out there who dispute this fact and that it's your party's desire to turn this country into a Communist state I say, just look at the facts. I don't make up the news, I just report the facts. And it is evident that he intends on running for the Presidency again in 2008. These are the very people who advocate, fund, and promote the American Civil Liberties Union. These are the very people who teach at our country's universities, colleges, high schools, and elementary schools. Do you honestly trust your children in the hands of people who believe in the same ideals that Hanoi Jane promotes? I don't. And thank the almighty that I as of yet am not a father. Because I don't believe that a true education could be had in the public school systems and universities in this country. These are the very ideals that spawned the likes of Ward Churchill. Just think about it. Those dope smoking, anti-Christian, socialist, moonbats are teaching your children and filing lawsuits that they claim are securing the civil liberties of you and me. Not hardly. Now you know why the ACLU and the NTA (National Teacher's Association) are The Most Dangerous Organizations In America.


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