13 March 2005

The UN, Syria, and Lebanon???

The United Nations doesn't exactly have the best of reputations as of late. And many in the United States, including myself, have long since lost our faith in that fraud of a counsel. The UN was formed out of the ashes of World War II with the best of intentions. After Korea, the UN started to lose some of it's teeth. And a tiger without it's teeth is nothing more than a house cat.
So are we to believe that Bashar Assad's word to a UN Envoy? Should we trust that Syria will withdraw it's troops? Do you think that they are willing to allow what is buried in the Beccaa Valley to fall into friendly hands? When the soil of the Beccaa starts to be turned, and those who turn it start to die ugly deaths, the true nature of Syria will be known throughout the globe. Assad can't allow any power friendly to the United States know that Saddam's WMDs are buried in the Baccaa. For to do so, they would sign their own death warrant. Syria is better off coming clean now. Because if they do withdraw, and those weapons are there, they will be found. And if it's some unsuspecting Lebanese who stumbles across them, and sets it off, Israel will be blamed and the whole region will once again be a powder keg with a short burning fuse.
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