14 March 2005

We The People vs. Univ.of Colorado And Ward Churchill

The University of Colorado has been reported to have offered to buy out Ward Churchill's contract for around $500,000.00. In my opinion, this is a mistake. In his mind, he will see this as a victory. He needs to be publicly terminated to reduce the possibility of guest appearances in the future. Buying him off, would add credibility to him in the eyes of the radical leftists. And the people of the great state of Colorado, would foot the bill for promoting him as a legitimate public speaker. And this is wrong.
He is a fraud, he is liar, he is a plagiarist, and he is a traitor. He has made speeches insulting the memories of the innocent civilians, firefighters, and policemen, who perished in those 2 buildings and 4 airplanes on September 11, 2001. But for those who died, we owe it to their memories, to ensure that the lies that this fraud is putting forward are silenced. Those who were so brutally murdered by those monsters, were innocent. They have done nothing to deserve such a ghastly death. And his assertion that they were legitimate targets is deplorable.
He has hoodwinked the leadership of the University of Colorado by claiming to be a Native American. Using minority status to bully his way though his career. The source of his anger is a mental condition. He actually believes in something that isn't true. Something that he himself has fabricated. The idea that he is Native American. That notion is right off the stable floor and he knows it. But he's told that lie for so long that to him it's become fact. The Native American community should be in an up-rise over this fraud. He is casting a bad shadow on the Native American community by spewing his hateful messages and hiding behind his fraudulent minority status. Until just recently, he was given opportunities to speak at other universities, colleges, and other places, based on the notion that he is Native American. He has thus far, defrauded thousands of dollars from various sources. An end to this needs to happen. And only the University of Colorado is in a position to make this happen. They need to step up to the plate and take the responsibility to do a service to the American people. And the Native American community needs to be at the forefront of this movement. The University of Colorado needs to feel the pressure of the public. The people of Colorado are being insulted by the continued employment of this fraud. And I, as an American, am insulted that he is able to tell his lies and subversive tales under the shelter of the 1st Amendment. But the 1st Amendment doesn't give anyone the right to destroy the reputations and memories of others. That's libel and slander. And he should be sued for it.
During the controversy that has surrounded him as of late, information about his printing of material belonging to others has surfaced. He has authored papers that contain information derived from the research and work of others without proper credit. He has also re-printed a work of art belonging to another as his own. For this too he should be sued. And all of this should be grounds upon which he should be terminated by the University.
So why haven't they done it? It is my information that the President of the university is a radical herself. And under the recent scandals that came as a result of Mr. Churchill and another professor, she has decided to resign. So why are they offering to pay him to resign? They shouldn't. They should just tell him, "Sorry, but your services are no longer required," and to clean out his desk under the supervision of security. Then they should issue a press release condemning the statements that Churchill has made. And a public apology to the people of America and the state of Colorado, for the embarrassment that his employment has caused.
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