30 April 2005

ACLU Appeals Decision To Block A 13 yr Old Girls Abortion

Florida State Department of Children and Families petitioned Palm Beach County Juvenile Court Judge to issue an injunction to block a 13 year old girl who is 13 1/2 weeks pregnant from getting an abortion. The judge issued the temporary injunction and issued an order for a psychological examination. The ACLU filed an appeal to get the order reversed citing, "the ruling that would essentially force the girl to become a mother" according to executive director Howard Simon. The teen, identified as L.G., has been described as a long time ward of the state, found out that she was pregnant 2 weeks ago. And was planning to undergo the abortion on Tuesday. Her caseworker even arranged transportation for the girl. But the state Department of Children & Families asked a Palm Beach County juvenile judge Tuesday morning to block the abortion. The agency argued that L.G., who is 13½ weeks pregnant, was too young and immature to make an informed medical decision, according to the appeal filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The appeal claims that Florida law protects her right to make this decision. In 2003, the Florida Supreme court struck down a law requiring that parents of a teenager to give consent before performing an abortion. "DCF and the circuit court have instituted a process whereby the state will make a decision for L.G. based upon its own evaluation of her best interest. This it cannot do,'' the appeal said. On the flip-side of the coin is DCF which claims that Florida law prohibits DCF from consenting to an abortion in any instance. "If a child in our care requests to have any procedure prohibited under Florida statute, we cannot give consent,'' Munoz said. "It's not our decision. We stand in different shoes. We're held to a higher accountability.'' "No DCF regulation or state law can override a constitutional right as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court,'' Simon said. "But putting aside the legalisms, forcing a 13-year-old to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term against her wishes not only is illegal and unconstitutional, it's cruel.'' The appeal stated, "There is nothing in the record to support the presumption that she cannot make an informed decision to have an abortion.'' Rep. Jeffrey Kottkamp (R-Cape Coral) stated, "If she's not old enough yet to decide if she should have a tattoo, or drive, or vote, how in the world is she old enough to make such an important decision on her own? But was countered by Rep. Ann Gannon (D-Delray Beach) who said, "I think this is merely the governor playing politics once again." She goes on to say, "I think that a 13-year-old who is mature enough to make the decision to have sex is mature enough to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy,'' she added. "The reality is, I don't want 13-year-olds having sex. But I want them to have access to accurate information and education.'' (source) Here's the facts folks. She's a ward of the State of Florida, therefore she's in the custody of DCF. Now, regardless if Florida law doesn't require a parent to give consent, DCF has a regulation that doesn't allow them, as a department of the state, to give consent to an abortion. She got herself into this trouble because she has displayed an inability to make informed decisions on her own. And now she is trying to get out of the consequences of the decision that she made by using abortion as a form of birth control. This is exactly why teenagers who want an abortion to get parental consent. Because they cannot make decisions on their own. The ACLU in their quest to kill off babies, the elderly, and the disabled, are blinded to the fact that she has already displayed an inability to make an informed decision. She had sex by choice. She got pregnant as a result of that choice. And because she is a ward of the state, the state makes the decisions for her. In my opinion, DCF has made the right decision. This baby should be carried to term, then put up for adoption. Children who decide to make decisions that they are unprepared to make, must learn that they have to live with those decisions. By allowing this girl to murder this baby because she made an bad decision, she will learn nothing from it.
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