19 April 2005

The ACLU's Effort To Weaken Our Military

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The American Civil Liberties Union has taken a case that would keep military recuiters from going about their business in high schools. This comes about because the son of Orlando Terrazas came home one day and told his father that he was considering a career in the military. Terrazas's position, "deciding to join the military is as important as choosing which college to attend." My position, no it isn't. As someone who has served in the military, I can tell you that it is the most important decision that you could make. Because it has the potential to cost you your life. When you consider service in the military, ask yourself just how much your country means to you. For me, my love for this country was worth my defending it with my life should it be necessary. Ask any serving on active duty or reservist and they would tell you the same. But we are missing another point. There is a large segment of the population who cannot afford college. And serving in the military offers those people an opportunity to save money in order to attend college. It offers some to even learn a marketable trade. Combat Engineers apply their trade in the private sector every day building roads, bridges, and buildings. Medics, clerks, cooks, communications specialists, mechanics, and drivers are just a few of the trades that the military can train a person to do that are just as important in the private sector. Then there are MP and SPs, divers, pilots, aircraft maintenance, aircraft payload specialists, and countless other specialties that are productive in the private sector. But there is a cost involved in these opportunities. And it may be your life. But if you are trained properly, and you remember your training in combat, the risk of death is a lot less than it was 30 years ago. That is why our military puts so much effort into training our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. With training the risks are lower. Some are dying in combat right now. But they have made that choice. The age of getting a guy drunk and throwing him on a truck in the middle of the night has long past. And we haven't had a draft in 30 years. We are the only country that doesn't conscript our military. And that makes them the best. Because they want to do it, they don't have to do it. Help Put A Stop To The Most Dangerous Organization In America. We are trying to organize a march on all of the ACLU state offices in all of the 50 states. To help in this matter, we are trying to raise money to pay for advertising in our nation's newspapers promoting the march. You can help. Visit Bulldoze The ACLU online store and buy a bumper sticker or t-shirt. All of the proceeds will be going into advertising for this march. Thank You.


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