14 April 2005

Class, Dignity, and Concern In The Face Of Tragedy

I'm leaving politics aside on this post. We all need to pay attention to this information. Whether you are Conservative or liberal, this is too important to ignore. Today there is a missing 13 year old girl in Ruskin, Florida. Sarah Michelle Lunde disappeared over this past weekend. A registered sex offender is being questioned for possible connections to her disappearance. David Onstott is being held in connection with a couple of homicides in the Tampa area. Sarah is 5-feet-2 and 170 pounds, with brown hair below her shoulders and hazel eyes. She was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and orange and blue basketball shorts. She has a bright green half cast on her left arm from a wrist injury.

Anyone with information about her is asked to call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (search) at (813) 247-0455.

Here is the point of my post. Mark Lunsford, father of the late Jessica Marie Lunsford, has joined the Lunde family in searching for Sarah. The sad personal tragedy that launched Mark and his family into the spotlight of this nation so fresh in his mind, he is there to try and save another family from the loss that he has personally felt. Mark isn't an articulate man. He isn't star material like Mark Klaas or John Walsh. He is a hard working common man who suffered that which no family should have to endure. But as fresh as his personal loss is, he still couldn't stay home while this little girl is missing. We all need to learn from this man. We all need to take a personal interest in our world. We all need to keep the safety of children foremost in our minds as we go about our daily grind. This man is showing us all what class and dignity are all about. In California there is another missing girl. At first she was thought to have been a run-a-way, but authorities have reclassified her as missing and in danger. Ashleigh Markley, 14 years old, has been missing since March 29th.

Officials think Ashleigh may be with Lindsay Jones, 28, who the teenager met during an Easter event at her grandmother’s house. Jones is also known as Lindsay Rehders.

Ashleigh is 4-foot-11 inches and weighs 86 pounds, with blue eyes, blond hair and piercings in her tongue and navel. Anyone with information about her is asked to call Citrus Heights police at (916) 568-5115.

I again wish to express my profound sympathy to Mark and the rest of the Lunsford family. But in the same breath I will express my personal prayer that God would help the Lundes find Sarah and the Markleys find Ashleigh. And ask my readers to do the same.
Thank You.


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