22 April 2005

Dems Playing Politics As Usual

Dumocrats are trying to play hard ball in relation to the Tom Delay allegations. Yesterday, House Ethics Committee Chairman Doc Hastings offered to open a sub-committee investigation into the allegations. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated, "What Mr. Hastings was presenting was a sham. There is no Ethics Committee functioning right now, in terms of reviewing complaints for members." The reason why there is no ethics committee functioning right now, is because Dumocrats are boycotting the committee. Chairman Hastings made the offer in hopes to entice the Dumocrats in returning. But they apparently can't accept a win as a win. Especially since they have been calling for an investigation. (source) Since the beginning of this Congress, the press has been bombarded with these allegations against Rep. DeLay. And from the information in the press as of late, both Rep. Pelosi and Ethics Committee member, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones (D-Ohio), are also subjects of alleged wrong doing in connection with a trip they both took to the Caribbean. Seems to be a little hypocritical of Pelosi and Tubbs-Jones, as-well-as other members of the House who have engaged in similar activities. Especially since the alleged illicit activities by DeLay are practices of which several other members have engaged in themselves. And are traditionally accepted as "questionable" but legal. (source) The answer to the Dumocrats inability to accept an olive branch from the Chairman and Committee Republicans is simple. Take away the allegations against DeLay, and their political leverage goes bye-bye. It takes away some of the smoke and mirrors tactics that the Dumocrats employ to divert the attention of the American people, from the real issues which they are unable or unwilling to face. Social Security is a real problem. And the President put forth a proposal to open dialog on the issue. And instead of opening dialog the Dumocrats went on record to attack the proposal. Instead of putting forth a plan from the left side of the aisle, they divert attention. This is going to be their tactic until they either gain a majority control in the Congress or regain the White House. Bottom Line: Dumocrats need a whipping boy and they've picked Tom DeLay. And because he came out in defense of Terri Shiavo and has voiced his concern about activist judges, the Dumocrats are going to continue to whip away. They have an out but they are showing the country that they are unwilling to take it. Instead they are happy to play partisan politics to bring down the Republican Party. Because their goal is simple. They want a Socialist Society like Europe. Solution: Bloggers took down Dan Rather and Eason Jordan. We can end this petty partisan BS. Congress needs to start working on the nation's problems. And Dumocrats need to admit when they have been defeated. But they aren't going to do it on their own. We need to give them a little nudge. Cross-posted from Conservative Angst Please stop by the ACLUBulldozer online store and pick up a bumper sticker or t-shirt. All proceeds go to advertising for a national march on state ACLU offices. Help put an end to the evils of the Most Dangerous Organization in America.


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