26 April 2005

Education And The No Child Left Behind Act

Reprinted from February 7th Gribbit's Word
With up-most respect for our President, I don't believe that the No Child Left Behind Act goes far enough. I believe that the only way to insure that every child receives a quality education can only come from a complete overhaul of the system. First off what has to go is the National Education Association. NEA has snowed every local school district into this idea of tenure. And if you read my blog, you know what tenure is. It's permission to become incompetent. We shouldn't be rewarding teachers who don't perform just because they have longevity. Do you think that General Motors will reward an employee who shows up everyday and makes a superficial effort at doing his/her job? Do you think that if the employee was a welder, he/she could get away with only making enough welds to hold the car together long enough to make it through the line? I guarantee that doesn't happen. I can say this with authority. I've worked for a company who supplies GM with parts for their cars. There is a stringent standard that each part must pass. The whole system is designed to make sure that the defect rate on parts that make it through to a finished car is less than 1%. And yet we allow a system to go on that has a success rate of less than 75%. So I say it's time to break the Union. The NEA is the major contributor to the problem and counting on their help for a solution is wishful thinking. Our children cannot compete with other children in the world in math and science. Why? Because our teachers make a superficial effort at doing their jobs. Any moron who has a masters degree can teach. That is where the old saying "Those who can do, those who can't teach" comes from. We need people who care about their jobs. And how do we keep them caring? Make salaries outcome based. If your students fall short, so will your paycheck. I've gone into detail on how to make this happen, now we need to do it. Year after year our students fall further and further behind. Asians have our children beat in every academic category. Why? They care. Their teachers care, their parents care, and they care. Some of the best doctors in this country are of Asian decent. Why? Because they care stupid!! I will say this over and over again until I'm blue in the face. The only way we can make our teachers care is to base their incomes on performance. The only way to get our children to care is to be involved. Know what they are studying. And if you feel that you don't know enough about the subject, study with them. It's never too late to learn, for you or your children.


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