09 April 2005

Hanoi Jane Speaks Out.

I posted an article on Hanoi Jane on 23 March, and funny enough, she's back in the news. Now she is out there in the media claiming that she regrets the above picture but not going to Hanoi or interviewing American POWs. Let's call a spade a spade people. She is promoting her book. She just released a book about her life (like that will be interesting, NOT). And rumor has it she has a movie coming out soon too. To be perfectly honest, if I see a movie of hers on TV, I immediately turn the channel. Why? Because she is a traitor. And to allow this person, to cash in on the loathing of the American public just to promote her new book and new movie, is outrageous. She put American lives at risk by what she did. She encouraged desertion and anti-American activities. She provided aid and comfort to the enemy. And in doing so, she drove the nails home in her own coffin. I find it difficult to believe that she is Henry's daughter.
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