09 April 2005

I'm Late, But I'm Here

I've made it known that I've been sick this past week. And it has affected my blogging and my reading. I fell short on a subject that I have just become aware of, and thanks to others who feel like me, the most terrible hasn't happened. Mae Magouirk has been fighting for her life. Her grand daughter has been trying to have her life ended in the same manner as Terri Schiavo. Mae has a living will that states that artificial sustenance and hydration can be withdrawn if, she is comatose or vegetative. She is neither. She isn't even terminally ill. But her grand-daughter had her removed to a hospice and the feeding tube removed. As of today, Mae has been removed from the Hospice and is in a hospital being fed and hydrated. There is some controversy surrounding the motive of her grand-daughter. Apparently there has been some talk of mis-handling of Mae's finances. It always seems to be money. Terri's husband used money that was to be used for her care to get a lawyer, judge, and a law to kill her. Now this woman wants to kill her grandmother. What the hell is going on? Why are we so willing to end the lives of our elders so easily? And ironically, the grand-daughter is a teacher. You know what that means. The stink of the National Teacher's Association is in the air. This is the legacy of George Felos. This woman saw the successful fight that Michael Schiavo and his mouthpiece George Felos waged to commit court sanctioned murder, and saw a way out of her plight. Being the good Communist that she is, she decided to use this as a precedent to do her evil deed. Thank God, that they found a judge who actually read the correct documents to spare this poor woman's life. I feel however, that a full investigation of her grand-daughter should be launched. And if indeed there is foul play involved, she should be charged with attempted murder.
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