26 April 2005

Math or Political Correctness ?

Reprinted from Gribbit's Word 2/8/05
In keeping with my theme, FoxNews gave me fuel for my educational system fire. It seems in the predominantly well-to-do and liberal community of Newton, Mass, that the public school system is more concerned about teaching political correctness than math. " According to benchmarks for middle school education, the top objective for the district's math teachers is to teach "respect for human differences." The objective is for students to "live out the system-wide core value of 'respect for human differences' by demonstrating anti-racist/anti-bias behaviors."" "Priority No. 2 is where the basics come in, which is "problem solving and representation -- students will build new mathematical knowledge as they use a variety of techniques to investigate and represent solutions to problems.""Excuse me? In a Math Class, the teaching of Math is "Priority No. 2"?!? If this isn't a prime example of the liberal bias and forced instruction of our children, I don't know what is. These people ought to be hung for doing this crap. What ever happened to "Reading, wRighting, and aRithmetic"? This is an outrage. This has to stop. People it's time that we wake up and smell the skunk, because that's what this is. There was a big hoopla in the 1950's and 60's about Communist Influence in the Motion Picture Industry. The House Un-American Activities Committee if memory serves me correctly. Well, it's been proven that Hollywood has a leftist slant. Michael Moore put to bed any lingering doubts about that. I've been saying the teachers are worse than Hollywood. Why? Most kids can put 2 and 2 together and know that TV and Movies are not real. But teachers? They're real, aren't they? I mean you can touch them. So they must be real, right? So who is more believable? We have to stop this. The system is out of hand and needs not only reform, but a complete overhaul.Now my opposition to this doesn't mean that I believe the evils of racism shouldn't be taught. On the contrary. Way back when I was a little one in elementary school, they changed History to Social Studies. Hmm, racism and it's evils are a social problem. So why not teach it there. Devote several weeks in the curriculum to the subject of civil rights, racism, integration, and the whole lot. I mean it, knock yourself out. Schedule it in a class, but don't forget the History part. BUT DON'T LET THE SUBJECT OF THE CLASS SUFFER SO YOU CAN TEACH SOME TOUCHY FEELY LET'S ALL GET ALONG CRAP. Where are your priorities teaching that? GROW UP! TEACH DON'T PREACH! You are all so scared that Christian, Jewish, or other religious teachings will creep their way into the class room. For love of Mike, you took Christmas out of Christmas. I'm all for celebrating our entire heritage. Do something for all of them. But don't leave them out. Christmas is a Federal Holiday. And do you know how I know that? Banks, the United States Postal Service, and SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED. So, treat your politics like Christmas. Leave it out. That means no threatening our kids with all kinds of bad things if a levy doesn't pass. Keep in mind the Constitution establishes the voting age at 18 not 8. Most of the levies out now are renewals of emergency levies passed 25 years ago to build a new school or something. They were designed to expire for a reason. So, how many times must the public pay for the same building to be built? And just to remind you, Communism is just left of Liberalism on the political chart.


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