17 April 2005

An Open Letter

My friends Gribbit has taken part in a nationwide program to protect our families from the ACLU's radical agenda, and am now asking you to take a stand as well. Please visit the following site and sign the online petition. The Center For Reclaiming America Can you identify the greatest moral threat facing your community? It's impacting our schools, libraries, churches, businesses, and all public service. This threat personally impacts you and I each and every day. What is this threat? It's the A-C-L-U. Right now in communities and cities throughout our nation, this organization poses the greatest threat to our moral and spiritual well-being. Let me explain. Although they position themselves as champions for the American people, nothing could be further from the truth. They are like a wolf in sheep's clothing systematically working to strip our spiritual heritage from our nation. And it's working! Right now there are no less than dozens of lawsuits by the ACLU that specifically attack issues of faith. Key issues that impact everyone like the Pledge of Allegiance, the Ten Commandments, Prayer in School, and the Boy Scouts of America. That's why I am alerting you to a grassroots petition effort spearheaded by The Center For Reclaiming America. Their goal is to raise up 100,000 signed petitions from Americans throughout the nation alerting our Congressional leaders and key members of the media to the true agenda of the ACLU, which is bent on the destruction of America from the inside out! To make an impact on an organization whose pockets are flush with cash, and who have power and influence, it's critical that we BRING OUR MESSAGE TO THEM--putting them on the defensive for once! Please take a moment to join the thousands of Americans who have already signed this grassroots campaign to EXPOSE THE ACLU'S HIDDEN AGENDA that's affecting every city and every person in our nation. Click here for more information. Center For Reclaiming America Once you've signed, please help us reach our first delivery goal of 100,000 citizens by alerting our friends and family! Thank you for standing with us! Dr. D. James Kennedy, Ph.D. founder, Center For Reclaiming America P.S. The success of this effort is completely dependent on people like you taking ACTION. Please take a stand today. The Center For Reclaiming America, established by Dr. D. James Kennedy, is an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries to inform the American public and motivate Christians to defend and implement the biblical principles on which our country was founded. The CENTER provides non-partisan, non-denominational information, training and support to all those interested in impacting the culture and renewing the vision set fourth by our founding fathers. Questions? cfra@crministries.org Help Put A Stop To The Most Dangerous Organization In America. We are trying to organize a march on all of the ACLU state offices in all of the 50 states. To help in this matter, we are trying to raise money to pay for advertising in our nation's newspapers promoting the march. You can help. Visit Bulldoze The ACLU online store and buy a bumper sticker or t-shirt. All of the proceeds will be going into advertising for this march. Thank You.


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