28 April 2005

Tax Reform & Why It Will Probably Never Happen

Now... Now, before you go off and think that I've lost my mind, hear me out. I took a long walk today, something that northern Ohioans don't get much of a chance to do during the winter. And while I was letting my mind clear, I came to a conclusion about why we could never have tax reform. The fair tax is just that... it's fair. And the left could never allow that to happen. Their power base is the poor. And as long as they can point to the wealthiest Americans and blame them for the plight of the poor, they will keep that power base. But what if that power base disappeared? The fair tax is a plan that if enacted, would lead to prosperity at a level that this country hasn't seen since the post World War II era. And the lefties can't have that. If this country would stage that kind of economic come back using capitalist policies, there would be no use for the big government that they are envisioning. So as long as there are radical Social- ah liberals in the Congress, we will never have the 2/3 majority needed to repeal the 16th Amendment and establish the fair tax. And that is the reason why I say that it will never happen. And without meaninful tax reform, anything that the government comes up with to fix Social Security will at best be only a short term fix. It would be like putting a band-aid on a leak in Hoover Dam. But, there is a way to get around these ratical Social- ah... liberals in the Congress (Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Byrd, etc.). Get the word of the fair tax out to the people. Demonstrate to the people that there is no down side to this plan. Demonstrate that the prosperity of the 1950's could return. So my fellow Conservatives... Shout it out! Get the word out that the fair tax is the only solution to regaining economic freedom. We are batting 1.000 when we work together. Rather is gone, Jordan is gone, and we recently shut down a terrorist blog. We can do this and prove my heading wrong.
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